Top 5 Instagram-Famous Foodie Hotspots in Sydney

These 5 Instagram-Famous Foodie Hotspots are a Must-Visit During Your Trip to Sydney. The most heartwarming aspect of a city is definitely not the grand luxury stores or a certain art museum with historical roots, but rather the local cuisine.

Every visitor to Bondi Beach is amazed by Icebergs, this blue and white building standing alone on the cliff. From here, you can overlook the stunning view of the blue Bondi Beach and the Icebergs swimming pool, with the sea and sky blending into one. Under the dazzling summer sun, the cool-toned decor gives you a refreshing feeling, making you want to sit down and order a cold drink.


This store has a total of three branches in Sydney, among which Brewtown Newtown invented a new concept - Brewnut, combining croissant and doughnut. When the doughnut is combined with croissant, it becomes a versatile combination. There are four flavors in total: cinnamon, icing, chocolate chips, and jam, with a crispy texture.

Paramount Coffee Project

This café is located in an open space within an old movie theater. In the morning, sunlight pours in, making it perfect for photos. Every four to six weeks, they send a batch of new coffee beans to different coffee specialists around the world for roasting, so you can try coffee here that other shops don't have. In addition, there are various food options to pair with the coffee: fresh bread from Brickfields with avocado, pearl barley porridge with apples, oranges, and pistachios are healthy choices; for foodies who prioritize deliciousness, the special recommendations from the shop include fried chicken waffles with maple bacon sauce, cheese with beef brisket, and German sauerkraut.
Maro Café is a paradise for matcha lovers. Located not far from Hyde Park, it is the most popular matcha dessert shop in Sydney. Despite its small size and often being crowded, stepping into the shop, you can immediately smell the delicate aroma of matcha. They offer various matcha treats such as matcha muffins, matcha Swiss rolls, matcha chiffon cakes, matcha tarts, matcha cookies, and matcha drinks. Every item in the shop is considered a specialty, so you don't have to worry about making the wrong choice even if you order randomly.

The Grounds

The Grounds of Alexandria is not so much a café as it is a small town. Built on the remains of a warehouse listed as a heritage site, this café aims to create an innovative and sustainable organic garden. From vintage fountains and mini farms to small gardens, it feels like stepping into a jungle paradise.

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