Have a leisurely afternoon tea in Laos, and Vientiane Coffee House is recommended

The most common cafe in Vientiane is Joma, which can be seen everywhere. There is no Starbucks here! But Laotian coffee tastes better than Starbucks, it is also very cheap, and the environment is good. I like to walk 5-10 minutes from my accommodation to the foreigner street in the afternoon or in the morning, order a cup of coffee and a dessert, it is very comfortable!

El Destino Cafe

This is in Spanish and it means "fate", which is "destiny" in English. The coffee here is delicious and visually appealing. There are also plenty of dessert options, including thick toast with bread and ice cream that tastes really good when paired together!

True Coffee

The cafe is called True Coffee and offers some unique coffee varieties to try. There is also a store on the foreigner street, where I once ordered a caramel coffee that was delicious!


The boss is a foreigner, with good reviews on tripadvisor, recommended restaurant! Well, I think their coffee is average, and the desserts are okay, but their breakfast is worth trying, especially the baguette breakfast commonly seen on the streets in Laos, it's good! And they also have porridge!

Amazon Coffee

The service by the Mekong River is not very good, but I highly recommend their cream puffs, which are really delicious! The coffee is relatively bland.

Paris Cafe Store

This coffee shop is quite common, but their biscuits are tasty and their American coffee isn't sour. It's fine! They also have a location on the 2nd floor of the Vientiane Center shopping mall. There's also one across from Lao Plaza.

Comma coffee

On the streets of the foreigner district, the shops are small and easy to miss if you're not paying attention. The interior is very artsy and the staff are friendly and attentive. There's a wall with the names of various countries and a booklet with pictures of a secret garden and colored pencils, which you can use to pass the time by drawing.