Budapest, the well-deserved "City of Spas"

Hungary, known as the country floating on the "sea of thermal waters". As early as the Roman Empire over 2000 years ago, there were already 14 thermal springs here. There is a saying in Hungary that no matter where you dig a well, you will eventually find a thermal spring. Hungary, along with Iceland, Italy, Japan, and France, is known as one of the world's top five thermal spa destinations.

Széchenyi Thermal Bath, located in the capital of Hungary, Budapest, is the largest thermal bath in Europe, with a pool area of 2711.9 square meters. Built in the early 20th century, the entire building has preserved the classic New Baroque style of the 18th century, with a creamy yellow exterior and a dark red dome, making it look magnificent like a palace. As one of the best thermal baths in the world, the water here has excellent medicinal and health value, and it is effective for rheumatism and cervical spondylosis. Some doctors even write "go to Széchenyi Thermal Bath for a bath" in their prescriptions.

Lake Hévíz, thermal lake

You would never guess that nestled in the peaceful town of Hveravík is the largest hot spring lake in Europe. Hveravík Hot Spring Lake is the second largest hot spring lake in the world, with a depth of nearly 40 meters and a daily flow of 600 million liters of hot spring water. It is said that the water in the lake changes automatically every 28 hours, and even in the cold winter, the temperature never drops below 22°C. After a leisurely stroll in the town, come here to wash away the fatigue of the day.

Garet Hot Springs

It is said that this is the most beautiful thermal spa in Hungary. Located in the Gellért Hotel on Gellért Hill, the Gellért Thermal Spa is another famous thermal spa in Budapest. The magnificent hall, maze-like corridors, and medieval sculptures make you feel like you are in a palace in a fairytale world. The spa also offers a variety of therapeutic services, including medical baths and steam saunas, volcanic stone massages, chocolate therapy, and herbal baths, all of which sound cool and are waiting for you to try them out personally.

Kaiheda Hot Springs

Keida Resort is located in Zalaszentgrót Valley, 9 kilometers away from Hévíz. It is the most versatile spa in terms of facilities. In addition to air-conditioned rooms with TV, telephone, and minibar, there are also baby rooms, non-smoking rooms, allergy-free rooms, and rooms for disabled guests. Moreover, besides the outdoor fun pool, wave pool, children's shallow pool, pool bar, water island, and salad bar, the indoor area of this spa also has Hungary's only tube slide with sound and light effects. Of course, the medical functions of this spa are also excellent. The mineral-rich thermal water is particularly beneficial for the treatment of musculoskeletal, nervous system, and gynecological diseases.

Ludas Hot Spring Bath

Rudas Baths is another Ottoman Empire-era spa center built around 1550. It has a large octagonal swimming pool and four smaller pools, all located under typical Turkish domes. The main pool is mixed-gender only on weekends, while the rest of the week rotates between women and men, so check the schedule before you go. The panoramic rooftop pool at Rudas offers unparalleled views of the Danube River and its bridges.


Veli Bej Spa in Buda boasts a 450-year-old Turkish bath.

Király Thermal Bath

The authentic Király Baths, built in the 16th century, have been open to the public ever since. Király Baths is one of the most worth-visiting thermal spa centers. Despite its small size with only four pools, this place has stood in the same spot since the Ottoman era, making bathing here feel like stepping back in time. If you appreciate old architecture or are a history enthusiast, it's worth a visit.

Lukache Hot Springs

Lukács Thermal Bath still offers traditional Turkish bath massage services.

Colin's Hotel

The Royal Spa at the Corinthia Hotel Budapest, opened in 1886, is one of the most luxurious spas in Budapest. It features a large 15-meter swimming pool housed in a magnificent architectural masterpiece. Relaxation rooms, sauna, steam baths, and massage tubs are also available for guests, along with a range of ESPA treatments for facial and body massages. The Royal Spa is located at the Corinthia Hotel Budapest. The Budapest Spa at the Four Seasons Gresham Palace offers a variety of treatments, such as Hungarian mud wraps. The Four Seasons Hotel Budapest, situated at the Gresham Palace, is considered one of the city's finest five-star hotels.

Budapest Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace

Veli Bej (or Kassár Baths) originally commissioned by the Ottoman politician Koca Musa Pasha, is considered the most beautiful bathhouse of its time in the 16th century. In 2017, it underwent a renovation with a focus on a large octagonal hot water pool surrounded by four smaller pools. The magnificent building also features modern swimming pools, steam rooms, saunas, massage tubs, and specialized spa tubs.

Margitsziget Health Spa Resort on the Danube River

Danube Health Spa Resort in Margitsziget uses three types of natural spring water. Margaret Island is located in the city center and is known as the "Spa Island of Budapest". Visitors can experience the hot springs on the island in various places, but Danube Health Spa Resort in Margitsziget is one of the notable locations. The hotel's hot water baths, indoor and outdoor pools, thermal baths, sauna baths, steam baths, and aromatherapy baths all use three streams of natural spring water.