The diverse cuisine of Budapest

When it comes to European cuisine, I believe many people, like myself, would first think of the elegant and exquisite French cuisine, the passionate and lively Italian cuisine, and the rich and diverse Spanish cuisine. Little did they know that there is a country located in the heart of Europe, low-key but hiding luxury - Hungary. Its cuisine combines the characteristics of European cooking with exotic elements from Asia, and is combined with traditional Hungarian cooking techniques to create a unique and intense flavor that is truly mouth-watering. This is the irresistible Hungarian cuisine.

Spoon Restaurant

Spoon restaurant, a boat-shaped restaurant, docks on one side of the chain bridge. The restaurant is divided into several halls, and the top terrace is the most popular in summer. Seats by the river must be reserved in advance. The main food here is buffet, well prepared, and I believe the regular à la carte menu is also good! The restaurant has excellent environment, service, and dishes, and the prices are reasonable. Those who love romantic atmosphere must not miss it.


Kheli Restaurant, which has been in operation since 1899, has been managed by a family for generations, maintaining its original simplicity. Despite being located on the outskirts of Budapest, many artists, athletes, and famous politicians have dined here. Kheli dishes are unique, and on their website, you can find anecdotes about the specialty dishes that add to the enjoyment when reading and savoring them.
There is a Taiwanese girl online who praises this restaurant and calls it a Michelin-starred restaurant. She has dined here multiple times and introduced every dish in detail. Therefore, I couldn't resist the temptation and came here myself. According to Tripadvisor ranking: 59/917, website:
Menza is the most famous Hungarian cuisine restaurant, highly praised by locals and tourists alike. They also have a daily lunch menu on weekdays, at an affordable price. If you want to taste simple yet exquisite Hungarian dishes and plan to have a good meal here, make sure to make a reservation in advance.

Hunyadi Restaurant

Great location, charming restaurant at the foot of Fisherman's Bastion. Specializes in traditional Hungarian cuisine but also serves delicious Italian pasta. Delicious food, generous portions, and great value for money. Excellent service from the staff.

Regi Sipos

A restaurant called Regi Sipos, famous for its fish soup, claims to be No.1! This restaurant has few tourists and is mainly patronized by locals who love fish soup. The fish soup and grilled fish taste very authentic. However, the restaurant is slightly inconvenient in terms of transportation. It is not located in the old town area, but many locals still frequent it. During Christmas, customers may even come here to take away fish soup. Good wine needs no bush, so you must go and see for yourself.