Top 5 shopping centres that you must visit in Melbourne

In Melbourne, people love shopping, and Melburnians take pride in their pursuit of fashion. Melbourne is the hub of Australian fashion design and has the highest number of fashion boutiques in Australia. In Melbourne, you can find cheap clothing as well as well-known brands, and there are also many locally designed products.

Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market is the largest open-air market in the southern hemisphere, with sections for fruits and vegetables, prepared foods, meats and seafood, and general merchandise. It is known as the 'basket' of Melbourne residents. In addition to shopping, visitors can also immerse themselves in the local life.
In Melbourne, there are three DFOs (Direct Factory Outlets), the most convenient for tourists is the DFO next to the Crown Casino on the South Bank. Here, major brands include Burberry, Armani, and CK, while mid-range brands include Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, and Nine West. There are also many local Australian brands, and many stores sell items for only AUD5 or AUD10. If you look carefully, you can find many high-value products.
Three Same Duty Free Shop is a duty-free shop in Australia with a 20-year history specializing in local Australian brands and specialty products. The store sells over 500 different products and is one of the preferred specialty stores for local residents and overseas Chinese to purchase duty-free gifts to take back to their home countries. The store also provides customers with tax refunds, packaging, delivery, and express delivery services.
Collins Street is located in the center of Melbourne, with tall buildings on both sides. It is a gathering place for top European brands such as Hermes, LV, GUCCI, and other world famous brands. The exquisite shop windows and fashionable atmosphere make it the most famous luxury street in Melbourne.
The Royal Arcade is located in the city center of Melbourne, Australia. It is one of the world's famous surviving arcade buildings and a traditional arcade shopping mall in the central business district of Melbourne. The shops in the Royal Arcade are very distinctive and sell a variety of unique and quirky items. The Royal Arcade is not only famous for its fashionable shops, but also has some more unique stores.