The correct way for foodies to explore Budapest

Traveling to Budapest, here is a must-see food map that will take you on a journey to discover the purest charm of Hungary.

Budapest Christmas Market

Budapest hosts a month-long Christmas market from late November to late December at Vörösmarty Square. You can find various trinkets and taste Hungarian pastries and hot mulled wine at the market. Don't miss it if you happen to be in Budapest in December.
How can one visit Hungary without trying the authentic Hungarian beef soup? After a long day of exploring, having a steaming hot bowl of beef soup is a must to warm both the heart and stomach. This restaurant can be one of the options.

Budapest Central Market

After the new Metro opens, it is very convenient to reach. Inside, there are a lot of Hungarian souvenirs, such as postcards, foie gras, Tokaji wine, cured ham, red peppers, dolls, etc. There are also common items like mugs, clothes, keychains, magnets, etc. If you get tired from shopping, you can also eat stewed beef, beef soup, or ordinary pizza at the snack stalls on the second floor. It is a place where you can find Hungarian specialties and discover Hungarian culture.
This is a small restaurant offering reasonably priced Hungarian cuisine. Highly recommended: pork ribs. Despite its small size, the restaurant is tastefully and cozy decorated.

Café d'Artiste

The "Artist Café", located diagonally opposite the Opera House, was a gathering place for literati in Budapest at that time. The café had excellent food and pastries, and the interior decoration was also very exquisite. Sitting in the luxurious café, taking a bite of cake and sipping a latte, it feels like my artistic cells are coming alive!