Medieval-style town

Hungary has many beautiful towns, most of which are well-preserved and showcase unique historical and cultural features. Many of these towns have traditional stone houses and half-timbered buildings, exuding a romantic atmosphere. Many of them are also situated in green mountains, offering stunning natural scenery, making them unexpected gems. These towns also have many castles and museums, displaying Hungary's history and culture. In these towns, travelers can experience the charm of traditional Hungarian life, taste authentic cuisine, and enjoy unique cultural activities, making it the perfect choice for exploring Hungarian culture.


Saint André town is located by the Danube River and has become a gathering place for artists due to its preserved traditional European style. Walking through the ancient and winding alleys, you can see art galleries and handicraft displays, with some alleys decorated according to artistic themes. There are many unique souvenirs available for purchase, including artworks by artists, Hungarian traditional indigo dyeing tools, and various handmade decorations.


Győr is located on the north bank of the Danube River and has been an important stronghold of the Four Rivers City since the Middle Ages. The City Hall, built in the 19th century, is one of the representative buildings of 19th-century neoclassical style and often hosts concerts. The old town area is suitable for strolling, you can bask in the sun next to the boatman statue, or take pictures in front of the medieval old walls. You can also read in the outdoor cafes in the old town and enjoy a leisurely afternoon.


Eger is a beautiful small town with charming Baroque architecture. One of the most famous attractions in the city is Eger Castle, which successfully defended against the invasion of the Turkish army in 1552, making it an important page in the city's history. Visitors can explore the ruins of the first church inside the castle and enjoy panoramic views of the entire city from the hill. In addition, the exhibition halls in the castle not only showcase the history of the castle and church but also tell stories from the war period, attracting many tourists to explore. Eger is also famous for its "Bull's Blood" wine. The Valley of the Beautiful Women is a well-known wine region with dozens of small wineries offering wine tasting services. Visitors can not only taste local wines but also try rose wine and a sweet wine called "Girl's Wine". With a long history and picturesque scenery, Eger is a must-visit destination in Hungary.


Sopron is a small town located on the border of Hungary and Austria. It is one of the cities in Hungary with the most preserved historic buildings and is also the hometown of piano master Franz Liszt. Walking through the cobblestone alleyways, visitors can traverse through time with Renaissance, Baroque, and Gothic architecture. The town preserves numerous medieval buildings, and the Firewatch Tower is the most iconic landmark. On a clear day, visitors can climb to the top of the tower to enjoy the beautiful views of the Alps. Additionally, Sopron and its surrounding area is famous for its high-end medical spas, offering a variety of thermal baths for tourists to choose from.