Prague beer map, presented with both hands

The Czech Republic is famous for its rich beer culture, and tasting local delicious Czech beer is a must-have experience. You can visit the Pilsner Urquell brewery, the Beer Museum in Prague, and even participate in beer festivals to experience the Czech people's love for beer and their unique brewing traditions.

U Fleku Restaurant

A must-visit place for beer enthusiasts! U Fleků Bar and Restaurant is located on the east bank of the Vltava River. Although not in a bustling area, the bar attracts both locals and tourists when it comes to Czech beer. Established in 1499, U Fleků has a brewing history of 500 years and is the oldest bar in Prague. It still brews its signature product, U Fleků 13-degree dark beer, using traditional brewing methods. So, if you come here, you must have a good drink.

V Kolkovne Restaurant

This restaurant is very close to Old Town Square and is owned by the famous Pilsner Urquell Brewery. It is recommended by Michelin and Lonely Planet, and business is booming! The pork chops and beef stew taste great, and of course, you should also try their signature Pilsner beer.

Jáma Restaurant

Restaurace Jáma is a restaurant with a cozy American tavern atmosphere, popular among office workers. In the evening, it transforms into a lively beer garden, perfect for gathering with friends. The owner is an American and offers American-style cuisine such as burgers, chicken wings, steaks, etc. They also have some Mexican dishes and daily specials.

Two Cats

Business here is very good, mostly locals and few tourists. The interior of the shop has a Bohemian atmosphere, with many original coasters and cat-themed trinkets. There is a kind old gentleman playing the accordion in the dining area, and when the music reaches its climax, the customers sing along passionately. The food at his place is really amazing, with a meat platter that combines duck, stewed beef, ham, and pork chops, accompanied by Czech specialty "bread slices," very flavorful.

Local Dlouhaaa

This Czech-style restaurant in Prague is highly praised, attracting not only tourists from around the world but also locals who often come here to eat. The restaurant's structure is interesting, with its long interior space resembling a train. In addition to enjoying local Czech cuisine, there are also dishes from other European countries to choose from, at reasonable prices and with excellent service.