Mercedes-Benz drives on the snowy terrain, experiencing the spectacular snow-capped mountains

In the long and anticipated winter, skiing tourism has become the top choice for many people. If you are looking for a place with unique scenery and thrilling skiing fun, then Norway is definitely worth a visit. Norway has magnificent snow mountains and exquisite ski slopes, immersing you in a world of snowscapes and irresistibly attracted by its beauty. Here, you can drive a Mercedes-Benz car between the snow, admiring the breathtaking views of the snow mountains, and also show off your skiing skills on the vast snow tracks. Let's take a look at some recommended ski resorts in Norway.


Norefjell Ski Resort is one of the most famous and beautiful mountain ski resorts in eastern Norway. Its ski slopes were once the battleground of the toughest skiers in the 1952 Oslo Winter Olympics, and now it attracts top skiing professionals for training and competitions. For visitors who want to experience a different skiing fun, they can try taking the 6-person high-speed cable car to enjoy the stunning scenery of the entire resort or choose to embark on an exploration tour for hiking and snowshoeing.


The Lyngen Alps is one of the most spectacular and beautiful mountainous areas in northern Norway, known for its enchanting winter scenery. Countless tourists come here to experience the breathtaking landscapes and exhilarating skiing. This mountain range is famous for its majestic glaciers and steep narrow gorges, as well as gentle bowl-shaped ski slopes and dense forest skiing. Here, you will experience unique natural beauty and intense skiing experience.


Hafjell village is a popular skiing resort in Norway and a paradise for hiking and cycling enthusiasts. During summer, the area offers a variety of hiking and cycling trails that are unforgettable. In winter, the focus is on alpine skiing. Hafjell has numerous cable cars and slopes, and new skiing venues are added every year. Family travelers, children, and speed skiing enthusiasts can all find activities that suit them. Sliding down Hafjellbakken under the bright sun and enjoying the beautiful view of the Olympic mascot above the Gudbrand Valley Hotel is one of the most representative skiing experiences here.


Myrkdalen is a popular ski resort in western Norway and a great destination for year-round activities. This family-friendly resort offers a variety of accommodation options to meet different needs and budgets. Its most appealing feature is cross-country skiing. Eight lifts take skiers and snowboarders up to Myrkdalen's 29 km slope. There are runs of varying difficulty levels, from blue to red to black, so all family members can find a slope that suits their skill level.