Exploring the enchanting Butterfly Valley and Gemiler Island journey

Along the southwestern coast of Turkey, you will discover many stunning natural and historical landscapes, with Butterfly Valley and Gemiler Island being undoubtedly among the most impressive. This mysterious land is famous for its dreamlike scenery and charming culture, becoming a desired travel destination for many tourists. Cruising on the blue seas, admiring the vibrant butterfly population and ancient ruins on Gemiler Island, is an unforgettable travel experience.

Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley is the most popular natural reserve in Turkey, with cute little caves dotted on the steep cliffs. June to September is the breeding period of the red butterfly, where you can see butterflies flying all over the sky. The dense vegetation around the valley provides an excellent viewing experience. In addition, you can also swim and snorkel here, enjoying the clear and transparent variety of fish and coral.


Oludeniz is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Aegean region of Turkey. Its biggest highlight is the famous Blue Lagoon, a stunning natural bay with beautifully clear turquoise waters and white sandy beaches, surrounded by lush green mountains. In addition to taking boat tours here, visitors can also experience one of the world's top paragliding experiences, soaring through the sky above the spectacular blue chasm, while feeling the thrill and excitement.

Gemiler Island

Gemiler Island is a charming small island located in the Fethiye region of southwestern Turkey. Surrounded by the vast Mediterranean, the island features mysterious caves and coastlines, as well as olive trees and other plant species, and a few small fishing villages. It is a great place not only for hiking and strolling, but also for diving, swimming, kayaking, and sunbathing. In the evening, the piano bar on the island plays relaxing music, where travelers can rest and relax and enjoy the magnificent sunset scenery.