Come to Buenos Aires and don't miss these attractions

Buenos Aires is a city that fills various literary enthusiasts with anticipation just by hearing its name. Just like its romantic name suggests, this city will not disappoint you. It is full of unique architecture, imaginative and massive graffiti, colorful neighborhoods, passionate tango, and elegant Teatro Colon theater.

May Square, this is the president's territory. Take the subway in front of the gate, and the terminal is May Square. The red building is the Rose Palace (Presidential Palace). Sometimes flying pigeons, military and police on both sides of the road, there is no tourist who does not come here to take a look.
The Woman Bridge was completed in 2001, designed by the famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. The bridge is 160 meters long, 6.2 meters wide, and weighs approximately 800 tons. The Woman Bridge is a cleverly designed, beautifully shaped, and uniquely styled bridge with a lot of cultural significance. It is named the Woman Bridge because of its graceful appearance, resembling a slender lady in a white dress when viewed from a distance.

Argentina National Museum of History

European discovery of South America is closely related to the occupation of South America with firearms. You can see well-preserved firearms from the last century in various museums as a powerful historical footnote, displayed in their respective national museums.

Boca Youth Football Stadium

Fans' sanctuary, Maradona's cradle "La Bombonera", mentioning football usually makes Chinese people feel heartbroken, but Argentina has become famous worldwide for its football, even a stadium has become a popular tourist destination.

MALBA Museum of Modern Art

This is a museum full of surprises, although it requires tickets, it feels very worthwhile. Time is the most precious thing in travel, and missing the most beautiful scenery or art is the biggest loss.
Here are Rubens and Picasso's oil paintings, the exquisite level of oil paintings is beyond imagination, but as European romanticism, the scale of the works is very standard.