A translucent glittering glass island - Murano

Murano Island in Venice is renowned worldwide for its exquisite glass craftsmanship. To reach this outlying island, taking a boat is necessary. A typical itinerary includes visits to both Murano and Burano islands, providing an opportunity to appreciate the enchanting scenery along the way. Taking a leisurely stroll in the globally acclaimed glass crafting center is incredibly comfortable and enjoyable. If one does not observe closely, many exquisite details can easily be missed. Let us uncover the highlights of this glassmaking marvel together~

Murano Glass Art Company Factory

Murano Glass Art Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in producing glass products, offering free tours of glass products manufacturing. Visitors need to line up outside the small factory and enter in batches to watch the glass masters making various vessels on the stairs. The explanations are available in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Russian, and Spanish. After the visit, the staff will guide tourists to nearby shops to purchase their favorite crafts.

Murano Glass Museum

Visiting the glass museum on Murano Island allows tourists to have a close-up look and understanding of the secrets of glass manufacturing and various craft displays, and a deeper understanding of Venice's status and reputation as a global glass center. The museum is located close to the Murano Cathedral, making it convenient to merge these two attractions into one itinerary.

The Road of Glassmaker

Here you can find Venice's largest and highest-quality glass crafts store. Even if you don't buy anything, visitors can appreciate the essence of glass art and crafts here. Whether it's miniature glass crafts or large glass decorations, there is everything here, and whatever you can think of, you can buy it here.