Ushuaia boutique tour | Beger Strait lighthouse sightseeing, food tasting

Someone said, when you're unhappy, go to the end of the world, leaving the past at the lighthouse, and start all over again. The city of Ushuaia, located at the southernmost tip of the Earth, is the perfect place for such an adventure.

Fireland Islands Lighthouse

As the southernmost lighthouse in the world, there is a sense of loneliness. Here, there are not only beautiful sailing views, but also a sense of ceremony brought by the vast strait.

Beagle Strait

To see the lighthouse, you have to set sail from the Beagle Channel, where you can observe the sunrise over the small town, which is breathtaking! The town, seen from the boat on the way back, is a picturesque sight. The sea water is crystal clear and the sunrises and sunsets in winter are awe-inspiring every minute.

El Viejo Marino

The restaurant is located across the street from the sign at the 'end of the world', and the food is quite close to Chinese cuisine. The portions are large, the prices are affordable, and it has a feeling of eating at a big food stall. Many tourists choose to eat spider crabs at this restaurant, but it's a waste for one person to eat one. A large bowl of seafood soup is only 50RMB, which is very affordable compared to local prices.
This is a Chilean dish, the dish is authentic, and the taste is mainly sour and spicy. It's not too much, but it's surprising. Every bite is worth savoring!