Sold out! Five bars in Buenos Aires with open spaces

Courtyard, garden, terraces filled with plants, ideally a rooftop with a good view. This is the current popular trend for new bars in Buenos Aires. With the arrival of spring and summer, enjoying a meal or a glass of wine in a bar or restaurant surrounded by plants has become an essential part of the new life of people in Buenos Aires.

In a bar surrounded by plants, the atmosphere creates a sense of being in nature for the diners who come to eat. The waiters in the restaurant are all dressed in specially tailored outfits, seemingly related to the forest theme, giving the bustling city a hint of tranquility. Recommended dishes include various sandwiches, potato pancakes, and the special "garden beer".


Here is not just a bar or restaurant, but a comprehensive health club. Here, you can choose to participate in yoga classes, as well as various interest courses and seminars on meditation, drama, art, and music. Here, you can enjoy exquisite and delicious breakfast, as well as outdoor activity space. Here, you can also buy some rare spices that are not easily found elsewhere in the world.
Completely open garden, 200 square meters of green courtyard, located in the most famous and popular among young people in the Palermo area, the Irish-style bar. The bar has a history of 13 years, long tables, high stools, and self-brewed Irish-style beer are very popular among the youth of the city. If you go with friends, you must go early, otherwise there will definitely be no seats after 9 o'clock in the evening.

Sky Bar, Hotel Pulitzer

sky bar is located in the Pulitzer Hotel, and it has a good view and scenery because it is on the 13th floor of the hotel. The interior of the bar is very modern in style, with sofas and wooden floors. The cocktails in the bar are very famous, so be sure to try one if you have the chance. Oh, by the way, on Thursday nights, the bar invites various bands to perform live, and there will be a professional DJ on site, so you can have fun with your friends!

Caf Proa

This café located in the Proa Foundation in Boca area will provide you with a very quiet environment to enjoy the afternoon sun, delicious snacks and desserts, bringing you a different experience. The unique large terrace design provides visitors with a different visual experience. It is recommended to take a break here when you come to Boca, enjoy a delicious breakfast, and then start a whole day of journey!