Highlights of British Countryside Towns

Walking around the small towns in England feels like stepping into a picturesque painting. Walking along charming country lanes, enjoying the scenery of green trees and endless meadows, one can almost hear the breath of history and the symphony of time. The architecture, streets, and people's way of life here naturally exude a sense of classical nostalgia.

St. Eustatius

St. Ives is a beautiful coastal town located in the south of England, known for its romantic charm. The town is surrounded by the sea on three sides, offering stunning views of the coastline. The golden sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters, combined with the well-preserved architecture of the old town and the charming fishing villages, create a landscape that will not disappoint. In addition to stunning natural scenery, St. Ives also boasts a rich and diverse cultural landscape. The town is full of an intense artistic atmosphere, with galleries and art exhibitions everywhere, leaving visitors lingering. Walking on the cobblestone streets, looking up at the blue sky, one can relax and admire the nearby sea and the distant skyline, making time feel soft and lengthy. Regardless of how one experiences the beauty of the town, St. Ives will make you deeply appreciate the charm of the south of England.

Waterborne Burtons

Bourton-on-the-Water is a place imbued with the characteristics of ancient villages, where houses are built with honey-yellow bricks and tiles, reflecting the unique charm of that era. A small river flows through Bourton-on-the-Water, adding to the charming scenery. In the old town, you can admire models of mini English villages, these models are perfectly built and resemble a miniature park in LEGOLAND. Flowers are in full bloom, the green grass is like a carpet, all revealing the true beauty. Walking through it, you will feel the poetic and unique beauty of a bygone era. If time permits, you can visit the sheep and horse farms in Bourton-on-the-Water, see the lush green grass and cute little animals, which will surely make you feel joyful.


Linton and another town, Linmaosi, are known as the "twin cities" of "Little Switzerland" by the British. The two towns are adjacent to each other, but located at the bottom and top of the mountain respectively, with spectacular sea views. A historic railway surrounds the cliffs between the two towns. Unlike traditional coastal towns, the twin cities are surrounded by valleys, facing the sea and backed by green mountains, showcasing unique beauty. Here, you can enjoy the flowers and cool sea breeze all over the mountains, and enjoy a leisurely walk in the mountains. It is worth mentioning that the two towns are not actually separated by the valley, as a long history railway connects them closely. This railway shouldered the heavy burden of transporting goods over a hundred years ago, and is now a cable car for tourists to visit. Sitting on the cable car, you can admire the stunning scenery of the town and appreciate the extraordinary style.


Bibury is a beautiful and peaceful village located on the banks of the River Coln in Gloucestershire, England, known as "the most beautiful village in England." In early spring, the River Coln flows slowly through the small village, with clear water and occasional petals floating by. You may climb up the small hill along the riverside path to overlook the wider pastures and see groups of leisurely walking cows and sheep. Walking along the winding roads of Bibury, you will experience the most authentic pastoral scenery.