Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and come to the UK to find a small town to heal yourself!

If you are tired of the monotonous and fast-paced life, you may consider visiting a small town in England to experience the rural countryside atmosphere. The countryside scenery here will give your life a new meaning. Bid farewell to the hustle and bustle of the city, pause your hurried footsteps, cast aside all your worries, and go to the small town to pursue a few days of slow living!

Windermere, an English town

Located by the picturesque Windermere Lake, this small town is one of the busiest tourist destinations in the Lake District, and a must-visit for many visitors. Most tourists choose to come here first and then depart to the surrounding towns and attractions by bus or boat. Although this town itself doesn't have any famous tourist spots, it is the perfect choice for most visitors to stroll around or spend a quiet afternoon in a cafe. If you are a fan of Peter Rabbit, then you can't miss the nearby town of Bowness, where the famous fairytale story of Peter Rabbit was born.

Grasmere town

The town of Grasmere, named after the famous lakeside poet Wordsworth, gained great fame because of him. Legend has it that Wordsworth wanted to find a place with a large library to study in peace, but when he passed through Grasmere, he was attracted to the village and even forgot his original intention to search for a library. This shows how charming Grasmere is. If you want to follow in Wordsworth's footsteps, you must visit his residence - Dove Cottage, where many of his manuscripts and originals are preserved.

Ambleside, a small town

Ambsedale town is different from the bustling Windermere town and the poetic and romantic Grasmere town. Its characteristic is more tranquil and simple. The town has beautiful and pleasant scenery, full of vitality, and is an ideal place to relax. There is also a unique building here, called Bridge House, which is not only a house but also a bridge. The river is flowing under the bridge, and there are lush bamboo forests on both sides. Everywhere is scenic, making people inevitably think of the beautiful poetry "Leisurely fishing on the green creek, suddenly boarding the boat, dreaming about the edge of the sun".

Keswick town in English

Keswick Town is a well-equipped and popular destination for outdoor activity enthusiasts. The town is lively, yet still retains its original simplicity and purity, with a main road and a small church as its core. In the 17th century, graphite was first discovered here, making it the center for pencil manufacturing. The Pencil Museum introduces many of the craft techniques used in pencil making, which you can check out if interested. The Open Market on Sundays is also a place full of surprises, where you may be able to find many treasures.