Tokyo Sushi Feast

When you come to Tokyo, don't miss out on Japan's most traditional cuisine - sushi. When it comes to sushi, you might think of the famous documentary "Jiro Dreams of Sushi". Jiro Ono's skills are extraordinary, and even Barack Obama visited here to taste the sushi, demonstrating its excellence. If you find it difficult to make a reservation, there are still many inexpensive and affordable sushi restaurants in Tokyo, such as Tsukiji Market, where you can find numerous delicious sushi varieties. No matter where you taste it, enjoy this delicacy wholeheartedly.

Yuanzu Sushi

A conveyor belt sushi restaurant offers 60 types of sushi for customers to choose from. The environment of the restaurant is fresh and clean, and the prices are very affordable.

Tsukiji Tamago Sushi (Ikebukuro Sunshine Store)

The ingredients at Tsukiji Tamazushi are fresh seafood sent directly from various ports across Japan and made by traditional sushi chefs. There are different sets available at different prices, and each sushi is perfectly matched, both in color and flavor, highly appreciated by customers. In addition, their service is attentive and polite while the price is also reasonable.

Daiwa Sushi

The sushi provided by the restaurant is very fresh. Sushi chefs insist on using traditional manual production methods when making sushi, carefully matching the taste and appearance of each dish, allowing you to taste the charm of Japanese traditional culture while enjoying the food. However, it is located in the bustling area of the Tsukidomari market and is very popular, often with long queues. If you are a sushi enthusiast, don't miss this boutique store!

Sushi - Nohachiya Kyoboshi Jiro

This legendary sushi restaurant, highly praised for decades, has a founder named Jiro Ono. Mr. Ono, a sushi master, focuses on using fresh and excellent ingredients, controlling their temperature, vinegar and salt ratios, and perfecting the technique of shaping sushi. Diners can enjoy the rich and authentic Japanese craftsmanship while tasting the sushi here.

Benten Mountain Beauty Ancient Sushi

This old-fashioned sushi restaurant has been in business for 150 years. The owner remains unwavering in adhering to the ancient Edo-style sushi-making techniques.

Sushi Mitani

A sushi restaurant hidden in an alleyway, with only 9 seats. Due to its excellent reputation and amazing popularity, it operates on a reservation-only system. However, even if it's difficult to get a reservation, it's definitely worth a try. Inside the restaurant, you can taste the most authentic Edo-style sushi, paired with recommended red wine and carefully crafted side dishes. The chef will hand you the sushi personally instead of just placing it on a plate, which not only allows you to taste the deliciousness, but also satisfies your aesthetic enjoyment.

Sushi Dai

The restaurant storefront is small, but very popular, so you need enough patience to queue up. Sitting at the counter, you can see the clean and fresh ingredients being made into colorful sushi on the cutting board. Looking at various sashimi lying lazily on top of the rice ball, it increases your appetite. The sushi master is very friendly, kind and observant, and the dining atmosphere is comfortable.

Saito Sushi

It is a traditional Japanese sushi restaurant that is highly popular in the area. The restaurant is decorated in a simple and comfortable style, and guests can enjoy the chef's superb skills and interact with them happily. Unlike other high-end restaurants, this sushi shop is priced affordably and attracts many diners to taste excellent high-quality sushi, which is highly praised by customers.

Medengli sushi

This is a very popular sushi restaurant that requires at least a 45-minute wait, and patience is needed to enjoy the food! The ingredients are cut very thick, with a small ball of rice buried underneath each piece of sushi, and each piece of sushi comes with its own independent mustard. The portion size of each piece of sushi is generous, and the prices are reasonable. It's a great deal to taste such fresh and delicious sushi. The recommended dishes are the original monkfish liver sushi bowl (eel rice), crab roe salad, and super sea urchin sushi.

Kyubei (a Japanese name)

This well-known sushi restaurant in Japan is highly praised by foodies. The decor inside is simple and rustic, mainly made of wood, creating an elegant atmosphere. In addition to counter seats, there are also different types of seats such as tables, chairs, and private rooms, suitable for various dining needs. The set menu is named after Japan's ceramic town and pays more attention to the ratio of sushi rice and raw fish than other sushi restaurants, so each sushi piece is relatively smaller. The comfortable environment, delicious sushi, and attentive service make it an ideal destination for enjoying food.