Go eat roasted pork knuckle with the locals in Czech Republic

The most representative traditional Czech cuisine is the roasted pork knuckle. Weighing one kilogram, the pork knuckle is a paradise for meat lovers. After being marinated, the pork knuckle is roasted by the chef using wood fire. The skin is golden with a rich orange hue and glistens with a crystal-clear oil sheen. The thick layers of pork skin are clearly defined, with the outermost layer being approximately half a millimeter thick, directly in contact with the fire, yet it is crispy without being burnt, offering a satisfying chewiness.

Cave restaurant

The most classic is onion bread soup, and a must-try is roasted pork knuckle.

V Kolkovne Restaurant

You can enjoy delicious food while appreciating the beautiful scenery of Prague Square.

Mustek Restaurant

Authentic Czech-style restaurant, with crispy and tender roasted pork knuckle.

Restaurant U Glaubicu

Historic building's old restaurant, serving authentic Czech cuisine.


Roasted pork knuckle is super big and crispy, worth a try with beer and ice cream.

U Kroka

Located at the foot of Gao Bao Mountain, we create healthy delicacies with simple seasonings.