You don't want to miss CK Town

The charm of CK Town lies in its unique culture and history, along with the beautiful nature, just like an exquisite oil painting displayed in front of people. Each town has its own story, and by looking at the smallest details, you can discover the history behind them.

Krumlov Castle

In the town of CK, standing on the tower of Krumlov Castle and the corridor and observation deck near the garden, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the town. In the afternoon, following the weak sunlight, the panoramic view of the town is captured in your sight. The winding moat, the varied red houses, the green domed town museum, and the towering St. Vitus Church on the other side of the town, when viewed from here, the whole town looks like a unique miniature landscape.

Krumlov Carnival Tower

The Krumlov Colored Tower is situated at the entrance of the castle. It showcases exquisite and magnificent paintings, with CK's unique pink color as the main tone. The interior is filled with wonderful scenes from the history of the town. Standing at the top of the tower and looking far, you can see the beautiful blue sky and white clouds, which is captivating and makes it hard to leave.

Krumlov Plague Column

This is the Krumlov Center Square, a memorial column built to commemorate the victims of the Black Death and has since become a prominent landmark of CK Town. In addition, this area is also home to various restaurants, hotels, and a tourist information center, making it the central area of the town.

Krumlov Cave Restaurant

Krumlov's Cave Restaurant is famous for its unique cave design. It is highly recommended to make a reservation in advance as the indoor seating is usually fully booked. For walk-in customers, there might be a waiting time. The restaurant offers delicious grilled meat and pork knuckle at an affordable price, with a cost per person of less than 100 yuan.