Must-have experiences in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a popular tourist destination in the Netherlands, known for its extensive collection of windmill buildings and charming old harborside cafes. Visitors can explore the city by amphibious bus, admire unique architecture, indulge in authentic traditional cuisine, go shopping, and select the most distinctive Dutch souvenirs.

Golden Duck

Rotterdam shows you the life track of the Dutch people, integrating tourism, food, entertainment, and shopping. You can freely shuttle between sea and land by bus, see unique buildings, and taste local food. Shopping havens are concentrated and easily accessible, where you can buy Dutch souvenirs.

Old Port

Old Port: The former world's largest port originated from the Old Port, but due to the progressively thriving shipping industry, the port has been relocated to a more spacious area. The Old Port, which witnessed the development of Rotterdam, has now become a popular destination for leisure and entertainment. There are private boats docked in the port, and a red ship that has been transformed into a unique coffee shop stands out.
The arch-shaped indoor market, located in the center of Rotterdam, opened in 2014 and is only a minute away from the Cube Houses. It is a representative building that combines market and residential areas, with the most distinctive feature being the colorful ceiling depicting various vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Apart from the arched market area, the rest of the building consists of residential apartments for the citizens, including an underground parking lot. The market gathers specialty food shops from around the world, offering not only delicious treats but also satisfying souvenirs to buy.

De Bijenkorf shopping center

De Bijenkorf, also known as the Queen's Store, is located next to the Beirs station in the center of Rotterdam. The store has exquisite and unique window display designs, and it also has a wide range of luxury brands from Europe and the United States. Non-EU tourists can enjoy tax refunds by spending over 50 euros. Visitors can come and shop freely and apply for tax refunds with their passports on the last day of their trip. The store also has cafes and restaurants for customers to relax and rest.

De Tuinen Garden Store

De Tuinen, a local Dutch health food store, is one of the most popular shops among Chinese people. The store sells various organic and natural health products and skincare items, with snail gel and aloe vera gel being their specialties. The store often offers various promotions, so if you're lucky enough to visit Rotterdam, you can get high-quality health products at the best price.