Grayme's distinctive five churches

There is nothing more exciting than visiting the Grayme Church on the rocky hills. Look at this magnificent scenery, and you will surely be amazed. Follow the list and witness this stunning ancient architecture with your own eyes!

Hidden Church

The hidden church located at the highest point of Grayme's geography still preserves some primitive murals in its small cave, which is amazing and reflects the firm belief expressed by believers in adversity.

St. John's Church of the Baptist

A historic Catholic church ruins in Cappadocia offer beautiful rural views when seen from the inside looking out.

Dark Church

The Dark Church of Greme Open Air Museum has long been admired for its perfectly preserved murals and vibrant colors.

The Church of Our Lady of Lourdes

This stone church built on the mountainside looks like an abandoned giant grotto from the outside and can be climbed by visitors at will. There are many small stalls here where you can buy souvenirs and drinks, and you can also rest here and enjoy the cool summer.

The Church of Sinister Eyes

This distinctive church has an impressive name and appearance, with many well-preserved murals inside that are worth visiting.