Admire the architectural charm of Zurich and feel the historical ambience of the city

Zurich, this small city with a long history and a strong Crete atmosphere, not only combines ancient culture, but also has a modern atmosphere, waiting for tourists to appreciate its beauty.

Zurich Cathedral

Zurich Cathedral is located on the banks of the Limmat River and its unique twin towers have a strong visual impact, blending Romanesque, Gothic and Neo-Gothic styles. It is easy to spot the statue of Charlemagne holding a sword on the south tower, but it is only a replica, while the original is placed in the underground sanctuary of the cathedral. The oldest parts of the Zurich Cathedral, including the sanctuary and the choir stalls, can be traced back to the late 11th to early 12th centuries, and traces of murals can be seen here, revealing a profound historical atmosphere.

St. Peter's Basilica

St. Peter's Church, located in the winding alleyways of Zurich, is the oldest and the only Baroque-style church. The huge Romanesque tower from the 13th century is the most prominent feature, which was once used as a lookout tower. The large bell, built in 1880, with a diameter of 8.7 meters on its dial, is considered the largest in Europe. The baptismal font, exquisitely carved choir stalls, art-grade relief decorations, and the pipe organ in the church are all unforgettable.

The Cathedral of Our Lady

The Notre-Dame Cathedral stands on the west bank of the Limmat River, with its elegant green spires particularly eye-catching. It was built in the mid-9th century by the German king Rudolf II as a convent, and was renovated in the Gothic style from the 12th to 15th centuries. In 1732, a bell tower was added. On the left side of the entrance, there is a unique stained glass window created by the famous French artist Chagall in 1970, depicting the image of Christ.

Zurich Opera House

The Zurich Opera House, built in 1891 in the new Baroque style, is a small and exquisite theater and one of the most prominent theaters today. The most popular tourist period is from September to the end of June, offering ballet performances and recitals. In addition to watching performances, visitors can also participate in backstage tours to get a close look at the stage structure, dressing rooms, rehearsal halls, and listen to the behind-the-scenes stories of the theater.