Must-visit shopping stores in Lucerne

Lucerne, also known as "Luzern," is a beautiful town in central Switzerland and the capital of the Lucerne canton. It boasts the stunning landscapes of Pilatus and Rigi mountains, as well as the exquisite beauty of Lake Lucerne, earning its reputation as Switzerland's most popular tourist city. In addition to its natural beauty, Lucerne is also a bustling commercial city, with numerous shops surrounding the lively Swan Square that attract many tourists for shopping. Now, let's take a look at some of the shops in Lucerne that are worth visiting!

Bachmann Chocolates (Swan Square branch)

Bachmann Chocolats is a famous Swiss dessert shop, known for its exquisite chocolates, desserts, and macaron series. All of their products are handmade every day to ensure freshness and quality, and the ingredients are sourced naturally without any additives. The shop offers both freshly made desserts and packaged products, making it a great choice whether you plan to enjoy them yourself or bring them home as gifts.

Max Chocolatier

Lucerne's top chocolate shop, upon entering, you can immediately smell the tantalizing chocolate aroma that captivates the heart. All of the chocolate in the store is made with natural ingredients and expertly crafted by hand. The moment it touches your tongue, you'll experience its wonderful texture, leaving you feeling exhilarated and experiencing pure happiness. Additionally, you can witness the entire process of chocolate-making by the chocolate master, allowing you to appreciate the essence of chocolate.

Casagrande souvenir store (Grendel shop)

Casagrande is a well-known souvenir shop in the local area, with many branches in Lucerne. The Grendel store, located in the Swan Square, is the largest with two levels. It offers various local specialty souvenirs, including Swiss army knives, high-quality watches, handicrafts, chocolates, postcards, and more, making it an excellent choice for picking up some souvenirs. Highly recommended.
Since its establishment in 1962, Läderach has been a representative of high quality, producing a variety of specialty Swiss chocolates and strictly monitoring supplier quality from cocoa beans to finished products. Läderach has always followed the concept of sustainable development to meet customer requirements.