Places popular among locals in Amsterdam

Come to Amsterdam, it may be difficult to find "romance" and "charm" in the crowded museums and central canal area. After living in Amsterdam for two years, Kristin will take you to the less touristy but beloved spots and restaurants by the locals. Away from the popular attractions, you can enjoy a leisurely time without tourists while also getting to know Amsterdam's culture and history.

Van Gogh Museum

There are often small exhibitions behind the museum (originally a carriage house), as well as a cafeteria with only three tables, where you can enjoy coffee while admiring the van Loon family's garden. The most lovely part of this place is that there are usually very few people, and few tourists know about this iconic attraction in Dutch history. It is quite suitable for couples to enjoy some private time.

Coffee & Coconuts

The restaurant, renovated from an old theater, has three floors and a trendy loft style. It is one of the favorite places for young people in Amsterdam in recent years. Don't worry, all the dishes are delicious. I recommend Warung CT, the slow-cooked beef with rich coconut flavor and a nice kick of spiciness. My favorite dessert is the Chilly spiced chocolate quesadillas, a thin pancake with a strong chocolate taste, and the amazing thing is how well the chili peppers and chocolate complement each other. One thing to note is that these two dishes I personally love are only available for dinner after 17:00.

The Foodhallen

The highlight is a food court-style restaurant with dozens of windows offering various cuisines from around the world. I highly recommend a Middle Eastern food window called MAZA located in the corner on the left side. Order a plate of Falafel balls (they have a vegetarian filling, but as a meat eater, I still strongly recommend it). There is also a hot dog stand near the entrance on the right side. The hot dogs are grilled fresh, and the buns are soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, German-style salted pretzel baguette. Please note that it can be crowded during meal times, so it is recommended to go before the usual dining hours.

Amsterdam Train Station Platform 2

Don't miss the restaurant on platform 2 before leaving Amsterdam city center by train. Take a seat, have a drink, and admire the ceiling design. There is also the Royal Waiting Room (Koningklijk Wachtruimte) on the same platform. However, this place is only open to the public once a year during Amsterdam's Cultural Heritage Open Day in September (Amsterdam Openmonumentendag). Reservations are required for visiting.