Locals' top picks: the best seafood restaurants in Barcelona

Located by the sea, Barcelona has an endless supply of fresh ingredients, coupled with unique cooking techniques, which have created a variety of seafood dishes. This time, we recommend some of the most famous seafood restaurants in Barcelona.

Can Major

Can Majo is one of the most famous seafood restaurants in the area, with unparalleled sea views. The restaurant only uses the freshest seafood from the Catalan coast to cook, and recommends seafood rice and traditional seafood casserole "zarzuelo."
The restaurant opened in 1836 and is a century-old shop that has been visited by many celebrities, including Pablo Picasso. Its Spanish seafood rice uses fresh shellfish and seafood, and the rice is not sticky and especially flavorful.
This is a very famous Tapas restaurant. The storefront is unremarkable, but it attracts a large number of customers with its fresh seafood and various delicious snacks. It is always packed with long queues every day, so it is recommended to go for lunch early in the afternoon.

Restaurante Los Pinchos de Andrea

The Sailor Restaurant is a local seafood restaurant with a focus on local seafood dishes. Chef Jaime Jose, who has over 20 years of experience, comes from the birthplace of seafood rice. The most impressive thing here is the servers, mainly big-bellied uncles in sailor suits, which creates a strong contrast.

Restaurante Ferran 's

This restaurant located in the Gothic Quarter in the city center, selects the freshest seafood and pairs it with Iberian black pork ham, rich cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables and other fresh ingredients. Traditional Catalan cooking techniques are also used to create dishes that are rich in color, flavor, and aroma.

La Paradeta Sagrada Familia

La Paradeta is a well-known local chain of "seafood stalls" in Barcelona. When you walk into the store, you can see a variety of seafood displayed in the freezer, with clear prices. Customers can choose the type of seafood and cooking method according to their preferences, and the prices are very affordable.
La Fonda is the most famous seafood restaurant in Barcelona, specializing in authentic seafood and squid rice. The restaurant is of high quality but prices are very affordable, with an average cost of 10 Euros (about 70 RMB) per person. Therefore, it has long queues every day.