Swiss train specialty tour

Swiss people love taking trains so much not only because of the extensive coverage and convenient connections of the Swiss railway network, but also because the whole Swiss continent offers captivating terrains and landscapes, a harmonious blend of nature and man-made wonders, and a vibrant and diverse Switzerland where interesting things can be found everywhere.

Pilatus Mountaineering Train

The steepest gear rack railway in the world is on Mount Pilatus, with a maximum gradient of 48 degrees. Starting from Lucerne pier, take a boat to the foot of the mountain and take a train up to the summit. Because it's uphill, choose a seat in the first row to face the train head-on while climbing up.

Golden Pass

The Golden Pass is the world's first scenic train with panoramic windows, designed by Ferrari's designers. It runs for a total of 5.5 hours and passes through the essence of the Alps. The Golden Pass is jointly operated by three different companies, and due to the different track gauges on these three segments, passengers must transfer trains at Interlaken and Zweisimmen. Due to travel from Interlaken to Lake Luzern, only the segment from Lucerne to Interlaken was taken. Although this segment is said to have the best scenery, the train's appearance is not golden at all, similar to a regular train with red, white, and black colors, with windows but not as breathtaking as shown in travel guides.

Chocolate train

This section offers discounts for Swiss Pass holders, with adult tickets priced at 69 Swiss francs and children's tickets at 49 Swiss francs. The Chocolate Train features a panoramic car. It is a commercial travel route that departs from Montreux at 8:30 a.m. and spends the whole day visiting the Nestle chocolate factory, the cheese factory in the town of Gruyeres, and the castle. The entire experience is very enjoyable, especially seeing the various mechanical production lines, free chocolate tasting, and a room full of cheese. The Chocolate Train only has three carriages, with the last carriage being a panoramic observation car and the first two carriages being retro carriages. Advance booking is available on the website.

Girl Peak Sightseeing Train

The train to the Maiden Peak is a private railway, so the fare is particularly expensive, but fortunately, the scenery along the way is so beautiful that we don't even want to blink our eyes. Some of the decorations on the train head are very interesting, and there is a 10-kilometer section that passes through the Aige Peak rock, which reflects the huge engineering difficulties and challenges. Surprisingly, such a railway was built over a hundred years ago. Tickets can be purchased at the station or in advance at the hotel where you are staying. It is recommended to buy in advance at the hotel so that you can take the train whenever you like without having to study at the station.

Zelmat Glacier Train

The Glacier Express is long with large, glass windows from roof to body, and travels at a speed of 40 km/h as the "slowest train in the world." Along the way, there are Chinese audio guides available through headphones, and passengers can order food, enjoy wine, or leisurely explore various carriages.

Bernina Express

The Bernina Express is a famous narrow-gauge mountain train. The panoramic windows provide views of the Alpine scenery. The route connects the cold north and the warm south, passing through 55 tunnels, crossing 196 bridges, and with an altitude difference of 1828 meters. Along the way, passengers can enjoy glaciers, high mountain lakes, forests, snowscapes, and pastures, offering rich and varied visual experiences.