A cultural tour of Zurich

In the Zurich area, you can enjoy the distant and undulating Alps. The center here is a captivating mix of culture, history, and urban life. You can find everything you expect, from avant-garde theaters and medieval castles to tempting shopping spots, picturesque lakeside views, and excellent culinary experiences - all this, of course, comes with outstanding transportation convenience, making it easy to reach by car or train.

Schiffbau used to be a shipyard, and now it combines a theatre, jazz music, and creative cuisine. The former industrial building is a protected site that has been cleverly modernized and now features three different stages, the jazz club Moods, and the stylish LaSalle restaurant. Of course, there's also the NietturmBar, a trendy bar with huge floor-to-ceiling windows that offer great views of Zurich's West district.

Cabaret Voltaire

100 years ago, Zurich was full of middle class and conservatives, and a group of young idol-breakers started the Dada art movement. Hugo Ball, Emmy Hennings, Tristan Tzara, and others performed their sound poems and simultaneous poems at the Voltaire Bar located at Spiegelgasse 1 (Lenin's residence was nearby). The Voltaire Bar, which combines a museum, theater, shop and bar, is still open to the public today.

Sechsel utenplatz Square

It's hard to believe that this beautiful square located in front of the opera house in the city center was recently the annual touring site of the circus. Now, the new city square is paved with elegant quartzite, houses a small tavern, and features a fun fountain, becoming a popular gathering place for locals and tourists to relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Bruno Weber Park

Entering Bruno Weber Park is like entering a dream world. This park, created by the artist of the same name, is located on a hillside overlooking the entire Limmat Valley. The lush park blends exotic architecture and colorful imaginary creatures with concrete sculptures, attracting visitors of all ages. The park is located in Spreitenbach near Zurich and can be easily reached by car, bus or suburban train.

Kulturweg Limmat

The Kulturweg Limmat connects the charming walking paths along both sides of the Limmat River below the Wettingen Abbey, forming a picturesque circular path between the Baden wooden bridge and Wettingen-Noihof. The route is clearly marked, open all year round, and information boards are located at the main entrances.

Laufen Castle at the Rheinfalls near Rhine Falls

Lauen Castle in the Middle Ages towers on a striking rock, overlooking the roaring Rhine Falls. At the viewing platform, visitors can experience the excitement brought by Switzerland's most spectacular waterfall up close. Taking the glass panoramic elevator from a high point, stunning magnificent views can be enjoyed. Inside the magnificent castle, visitors can learn about the inseparable history of this thousand-year-old fortification and waterfall through the Historama exhibition.

Museum of fine arts Winterthur

The art museum in Winterthur, the second largest city in the Zurich area, is one of the important art museums in Switzerland. In 1995, architects Gigon and Guyer modernized this museum which was built more than 100 years ago. The international art collection in the museum covers various periods from the 19th century to the present, including the classical modern era. Art enthusiasts should not miss this attraction.

Tree Museum Enzo Enea Headquarters

Enzo Enea, a renowned landscape designer, has designed gardens and parks for princes, sheikhs, and pop stars around the world. Now, the public can appreciate Enea's art in Lauperswil-Jona, where Enea showcases each tree with his characteristic inclusive mentality and elegant attitude, as if being in a museum. The overall effect of the tree museum is to vividly blend nature and culture into a perfect work of art.

Ufenau Island, Ufenau

The Ufenau Island is located near the towns of Freienbach and Pfäffikon on the shore of Lake Zurich, Switzerland, and is a peaceful and tranquil paradise. Since 965 AD, this sacred place has belonged to the Einsiedeln Abbey and is currently a nature reserve. Swimming and exposed clothing are forbidden here, but devout visitors are welcome to visit the two picturesque churches on the island and enjoy the hospitality of the restaurant.

Old Town of Zug

It's hard to find a place more rustic than here: the picturesque old town of Chur is covered with cobblestone streets, beautifully renovated medieval houses are arranged in a charming way along the shores of Lake Chur. Some iconic buildings can be distinguished from afar, such as the ancient town hall, town council and St. Michael's Church. At the viewpoint "Guggi", you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view that includes the old town, castle, and defense tower.

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