Where to go for a parent-child trip in Yunnan? Here are 5 recommended destinations

Yunnan is a very suitable place for tourism. At the same time, there are many places here suitable for family trips. Today, I will introduce a few to you.


Taking children to see tropical plants is one of the most interesting things. Wild Elephant Valley, Xishuangbanna Primitive Forest Park, and the Sky Tree are all great places for parent-child trips.

Lugu Lake Scenic Area

Taking children to Lugu Lake is also a great choice. You can enjoy the sunshine on the Lige Peninsula by taking a pig trough boat, or experience different ways of playing in the Dala Water Village.


Bringing children to Tengchong to soak in hot springs is really a very good choice. There are many high-quality hot springs here, and the prices are also very reasonable.


You can not only see Erhai Lake when you come to Erhai Lake, but also experience the fun of rock climbing in Shuanglang, and you can also ride around Erhai Lake to experience a different Erhai Lake.

Fuxian Lake

The scenery of Fuxian Lake is really beautiful, and there are many recreational activities here, which is especially suitable for a full day of arrangements.