What are some fun places to visit for a road trip around Shanghai?

Six hidden self-driving destinations around Shanghai, ready to explore at any time.

Deqing Moganshan

The New York Times once selected 45 travel destinations worth visiting worldwide. Shanghai, Ningbo, and Hangzhou, located at the center of the prosperous and beautiful Yangtze River Delta, were named after the legendary sword-making by Mo Ye and Gan Jiang in the Spring and Autumn period. These cities are national-level scenic areas, with a journey time of about 3 hours from Shanghai and Ningbo, and just over 1 hour to Hangzhou.

Nanjianyan, Suichang

Zhejiang Nanjianyan Scenic Area is located at an altitude of 1100-1626 meters. The highest temperature does not exceed 35℃. The air is fresh, and there are about 200 foggy days throughout the year. This has formed unique natural phenomena such as sea of clouds, sunset, rainbow, snow scenery, mist, and ice hanging.

Ling'an Daming Mountain

The red leaves here are gorgeous and dazzling, like rosy clouds, exquisitely beautiful. The thousand-acre alpine meadow on the mountaintop is golden. The climate and geological conditions are similar to Huangshan, with dark mountains resembling ink-wash landscapes in traditional Chinese paintings. The peculiar pines, strange rocks, sea of clouds, and endless peaks make it known as "Little Huangshan in Zhejiang Province".

Gongyu Village

Gongyu Scenic Area is famous for its towering and majestic landscape. The cliffs are connected to each other, forming a vast and impressive scene. Each peak has its own charm, with stone cliffs and unique features. The tranquil village is surrounded by misty mountains and has fresh air. There is a 10-meter rope climbing route, suitable for beginners. Local farmers offer accommodation with basic facilities, suitable for camping.

West Village on Thousand Island Lake

Shangxi Village is located in the mountainous area of Qian Dao Lake in northern China, known for its picturesque scenery and simple villagers. It is often described as a hidden paradise, unknown to many. People living in bustling cities can experience a sense of tranquility and comfort there.

Nanzhu Wetland Scenic Area

The largest natural wetland in the Jiangnan region, Nanzhu Lake, is known for its expansive and picturesque lake surface. It is like a huge water maze with interlacing mud mounds and water networks. The mud mounds are covered with dense bamboo, wild reeds, bamboo shoots, and the shadows of trees sway gently. There are also dotted white egrets and beautiful kites freely flying in the sky. It provides a natural, wild, and peaceful escape from the noise. The main way to explore it is by boat, allowing visitors to experience the primitive charm of nature and return to a pure state.