October in deep autumn, Henan has 9 great self-driving destinations to enjoy the red leaves

The place you want to go in your heart, one day your footsteps will also arrive. The red leaves, the moment they flutter in red, drunk in the heart, like the setting sun reflecting on the clouds on the horizon. The gentle breeze brushes by, rustling in the sand, carrying the fragrance of your youth. "Stop and sit in love in the late maple forest, red leaves frostier than February flowers." October's weather is getting colder, it is the best time to enjoy red leaves and take pictures in the red forest. The editor has painstakingly compiled the 9 best self-driving destinations in Henan to enjoy the red leaves in the golden autumn, highly recommended.

Changshou Mountain

The red leaves of Changshou Mountain are like vermilion birthmarks in the hearts of every visitor. With the arrival of autumn, the autumn atmosphere becomes strong, and you can fully experience the autumn vibes at Changshou Mountain. The red leaves of Changshou Mountain are of the same variety as those of Fragrant Hill, gradually turning red in autumn, with eye-catching and intoxicating colors.

Qingtian River

Qingtian River is known as the "Kingdom of Red Leaves". The plantation area of trees accounts for 90% of the scenic area. CCTV has even reported on how charming and magnificent the red leaves of Qingtian River are. Jinjialing is a perfect place to admire the red leaves in Qingtian River. Every autumn, the mountains of Qingtian River are covered with yellow leaves, which change from green to red or golden overnight, creating a pure and warm red color in the autumn sun.

Mount Laoshan

Mount Laojun is beautiful all year round, especially in autumn. From the valleys to the mountain tops, the autumn colors stretch endlessly, transforming the mountains from green to yellow to red. The vibrant colors adorn Mount Laojun, creating a breathtaking autumn landscape. Standing at Taiqing Temple and looking at the surrounding mountains, the sprawling red leaves make a majestic and magnificent sight, as if they were a cape draped over the mountains, exuding power and grandeur.


The red leaves in Mount Song are simply loved by heaven. The unique geographical environment and climate characteristics have formed a large area of red leaf forests dominated by Chinese sumac, creating the magnificent scenery of "Mount Song Red Leaf Corridor"! The red leaf area of over 20 square kilometers in the Mount Song scenic area is the preferred viewing spot for most people each year. Whether it is the area of the forests, the quality of the red leaf varieties, or the lifespan of the red leaves, they are all comparable to the red leaves in Fragrant Hills, Beijing.

Yuntai Mountain

Mount Yuntai is shrouded in clouds, with a lingering immortal aura. The mountains are bathed in vibrant red, with layers of forests and a misty atmosphere. It resembles a magnificent painting created by a master artist, akin to a heavenly realm in the East. It leaves a lasting impression.

Mount Yao

The forest coverage of Yaoshan is extremely high. The staggered trees give the red leaves of Yaoshan a three-dimensional feeling. The yellow chestnut, maple, persimmon, and dark plum trees are arranged from the top of the mountain to the bottom, covering the mountains in red, orange, yellow, and purple. At the peak of Yaoshan, Yuhuangding has an elevation of 2153.1 meters, where you can see the amazing sight of red leaves growing in tiers according to tree species and elevation, with the forest dyed in various colors, and an endless view.

Baiyun Mountain

Baishui Village National Forest Park is praised by experts and scholars as a "natural museum". The red leaves of Baishui Village are scattered, with a few oaks and maple trees interspersed in the lush green trees, creating a "touch of red among the green". In addition, the clouds of Baishui Village have unique characteristics. On sunny days, fluffy white clouds drift in the sky, with red leaves dotted among the clouds, which is pleasing to the eye.


Autumn at Laojieling, with its vast and lofty sky, evokes people's longing for mountains and rivers. The cableway amidst the clouds at Laojieling is surrounded by colorful leaves, resembling a fairytale world, romantic and tranquil.

Shennong Mountain

On Shen Nong Mountain, there is not only the largest domestically cast bronze statue of Shen Nong for people to admire and pray for their families, but also a stone paved Shen Nong Trail waiting for you to climb. As the autumn wind blows, the sound of the red leaves rustling mixes with the sound of the white crane pine standing on the cliff and the fragrance of the forest, enchanting and intoxicating.