Shenzhen self-driving tour, where to go for a 1-2 day self-driving tour in Shenzhen?

The best places to visit for a self-driving trip in Shenzhen on weekends are recommended.

Million Sunflowers Garden

Sunflower Garden is the first park in China that showcases sunflowers as ornamental plants and is designed as a large-scale themed garden. It features one million sunflowers, with more than 20 varieties imported from Europe, Japan, and other places. This includes the prized Van Gogh sunflower, which was favored by the Dutch Impressionist painter Van Gogh. In addition to the picturesque sunflower garden, Sunflower Garden also offers various programs for children to participate in. The Squirrel Paradise, consisting of 1,000 adorable squirrels, is a highlight that captures children's attention. The sight of squirrels eating will bring you great joy.

Zengcheng Baishuizhai

Baishuizhai, famous for having the largest waterfall group with the greatest drop in mainland China. The scenic area features a wooden walkway that spans approximately 6.6 kilometers, the longest in the country. Visitors can hike along the wooden walkway, enjoying the fresh forest air and admiring the beautiful waterfalls along the way.

Tang's Family Happy Garden

Tangjia Gongleyuan is closely related to Sun Yat-sen, the first president of the Republic of China. Walking in the park is like stepping into history, as if being in another world, and feeling the ups and downs of Chinese history over the past century. The park is rich in plant resources, with magnificent countryside villas, nestled among mountains and lakes, with pavilions and terraces, shaded by trees, and beautiful scenery. It is a tourist destination with distinctive garden features.


The former Old Summer Palace, known as a miracle in the history of architecture, was unfortunately pillaged and burned by the British and French coalition forces in 1860. However, you can now see this breathtaking architecture again in Zhuhai. Based on the original Old Summer Palace before it was destroyed, Zhuhai has recreated the landscape of the "Garden of Perfect Brightness" with a 1:1 scale, without destroying the local ecological environment. It reproduces the grandeur of the royal garden! Various performances and activities are continuously held in the park, bringing a rich cultural feast to visitors from all over.

Panyu Baomo Garden

Baomo Garden, located in Panyu, Guangzhou, was originally built in the Qing Dynasty but was destroyed. It was later rebuilt in 1995. Whether it is the newly constructed buildings or the ones passed down from the past, they all have typical Lingnan characteristics: mountains, water, fish, flowers, and grass, all exuding a magical atmosphere of southern gardens, like classical gardens far away from the hustle and bustle.

Yanming Lake Tourist Resort

The resort is surrounded by mountains and water, with a superior environment. The resort has a good environment, with a forest park, making it a natural oxygen bar. The resort not only has a good environment, but also has well-built facilities. The resort now features villa estates, hotels, sledding slopes, swimming pools, children's amusement parks, sports fields, and racecourses, with a wide range of supporting services. Three major scenic areas, namely Chunhui Garden, Xiaxiao Garden, and Qiushi Garden, have been built, making it the best place for leisure and vacation.

Eng De Chuan Tian Yan Dong Tian Xian Jing

Fairyland Dongtian, also known as Chuantian Yan, is a cave in the Yingxi peak forest with a stream flowing through it. It is about 200 meters long and has a spacious cave hall with various stalactite formations. There are two holes on the cave roof, allowing light to enter the cave. Inside the cave, there is a patch of land with lush shade-loving plants, densely packed, in their original state, forming a rare and spectacular forest within the cave. With light, water, land, and forest, it feels like stepping into another world.