Delicious flavors on the tip of the tongue, unlock Lanzhou's popular internet-famous restaurant

It is often said that if you want to experience the "vibrancy" of a city, you must first experience its cuisine. When choosing a place to travel, the local food is definitely one of the attractions that you are most interested in.

Wu Mule Pong Ash Beef Noodles

The restaurant is crowded. Pay and get a receipt first, then wait in line for noodles. They will ask you about the type of noodles and how spicy you want it. This is a beef noodle restaurant known for its meat. Must add more meat, both fatty and lean, in the noodle soup. It will create a different and delicious taste.

Mogou beef noodles

It is said to be a favorite of many people from Lanzhou, business is booming, the restaurant is full of people. It is called "meat and egg double fly" with added egg and meat. There are also people queuing up to get their noodles. The noodles are of normal thickness, very firm, and the soup is very good. Although the meat is not as good as the first restaurant I ate at, the noodles and soup are still the essence of beef noodles.

Ma Anjun Beef Noodles

If you go to the provincial museum for a visit, you can also try Xi Du, which is said to be one of the five great skills of Lanzhou beef noodles. Haha, it is famous for its spicy chili sauce. You can have up to ten spoonfuls of it, and each extra spoonful costs one yuan. The restaurant only adds meat, without eggs or side dishes. The beef noodles have their own unique characteristics and are worth a try. There are also many people.

Ma San potato chips

Lanzhou's popular spicy potato chips, recommended with tofu skin and beef tripe. The potato chips and tofu skin are cooked in chili oil and topped with chili oil. The potatoes used are likely fresh potatoes, and even when cooked they maintain a crispy texture and have a great taste.

Military family heritage

Address: Jiantao Lane, Chengguan District, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province. With gaodan and buckwheat, you can buy a mixture of both. The niangpi, priced at 10 yuan per kilogram, has a large amount and a thick sauce with sesame, chili, mustard, vinegar, and garlic sauce, which I don't want.