The best shopping destination in Europe! How fun is shopping in Lisbon?

Why is it called a "shopping paradise"? Because Lisbon is a place suitable for all kinds of people to shop! Each shopping district has its own characteristics, and you can buy whatever you want.

In Lisbon, you can visit a bustling commercial street with high-end luxury hotels, restaurants, clothing stores, etc. lined up on both sides. It is home to many luxury brands such as Burberry, LV, Gucci, Prada, Zegna, Boss, etc. for you to freely choose from.

Castillo street

Here is more like a metropolis, featuring "modern" and "fashionable", suitable for trendy women. The shops on Castilho Street are all fashion, such as brands like Karen Millen, Loja das Meias, Coccinelle, BCBG Maxazria and so on.

Chiado 101

Chiado is a historic district of Lisbon, where you can feel a retro vibe walking around. You can visit the Bertrand Bookstore, the oldest in the world, the stylish jewelry shop Tous-Ourivesaria Aliança, and buy a pair of delicate handmade gloves from Luvaria Ulisses if you like handmade crafts.

BmyGuest - Príncipe Real Galeria Apartment

The Crown Prince Garden has a unique aesthetic and style, which is more "fresh and literary" and "artistic". It mainly has many new concept stores, and even every corner reflects the creative design concepts of Portuguese youth.

Centro Comercial Vasco da Gama

Although the shopping center is not big, it boasts a prime location and offers a variety of fashionable brands for visitors to purchase while taking a break from sightseeing. In addition, the center features restaurants and supermarkets, making it a popular destination even on weekdays.
At the time of its construction, this was one of the largest shopping centers in Europe, with over 400 shops, restaurants, and entertainment centers, and is also the preferred shopping destination for tourists.