How can you not eat noodles when you come to Suzhou? Must-visit noodle shops in Suzhou!

Suzhou-style noodles hold a unique and irreplaceable place in the hearts of the people of Suzhou, and the reason for this is that Suzhou's noodles are truly special. So here are some must-visit noodle restaurants in Suzhou that you should definitely try when you visit.

Tong De Xing

The noodles here in Suzhou are very famous, and they have been featured in "A Bite of China." The soup of the noodles in Fengzhen is especially unique and should definitely be tried when visiting.

Yuxingji Noodle Restaurant

The three shrimp noodles here can be said to be the most famous noodles. They are extremely seasonal, usually available for just over a month. They are usually limited in supply, so if you come late, you won't be able to eat them.

Old Street Noodle House

It is like Hermès in Suzhou noodles. Apart from the crab roe and fish lip noodles with crabmeat, everything else is very delicious. Recommended dishes include spicy sauce with eight treasures, mixed platter, vegetarian chicken cutlet, and braised pork.

Qionglin Ge Mianzhuang

The secret pork chop noodles here are very unique, and it's best to eat them with red soup.

Wanfu Xing

One of the highlights here is the fried meat noodles. The fried meat is diced bamboo shoots or flat razor shell that is stir-fried with minced meat, wood ear mushrooms, and dried shrimp. The sweet taste of vegetarian food, the fragrance of meat dishes, and the saltiness of seafood all blend together in this topping, creating a unique and delicious flavor.

Fish soup noodles with fresh ingredients in my junior year

Fish soup noodles, as the name suggests, are noodles cooked in fish broth, very delicious and can be freely garnished. The key to our store now is that bowl of noodle soup, the Da San Xian noodles have three types of fish broth, fish broth with gold soup, fish broth with silver soup, and fish broth with pickled cabbage soup, and most of the toppings are available in the noodle shop. The taste is different from most Suzhou-style noodles and is worth a try.