Suzhou's flavors hidden in the streets and alleys

The longing for a city starts with its cuisine, and Suzhou is such a city that is longed for because of its food. So, what are the hidden culinary treasures in this city? Let's take a look together.

Dumb Oil Pan-fried

The pan-fried dumplings here taste really good. They have thin skin and filling, and are very delicious. Sometimes there might be a wait, but the taste will satisfy you.

Zhao Yuanzhang braised meat and bone

This shop is loved by many locals. They only sell meat, such as pork bones, spare ribs, tube bones, and rabbit legs. Everything is delicious.

Xiangxin Restaurant

Want to eat Suzhou chicken feet? This is the right place, the chicken feet here are crispy and flavorful, priced at 3 yuan per piece, everyone can't resist buying a big bag.

Xiao Jiang potstickers

This is a restaurant that has been open for many years and is well-liked by locals for its pan-fried dumplings. The place is always crowded, and the dumplings are made fresh to order, ensuring great taste.

Grand Hyatt Hotel Hua Chi 88 Chinese Restaurant

The taste of Suzhou is represented by Su-style cuisine, and Hua Chi 88 provides the most exquisite interpretation of Su-style cuisine. Although the prices here are slightly higher, the quality is also very high.