Passing the time, these Suzhou cafés are worth visiting

In recent years, there have been various coffee shops, big and small, in Suzhou, each with its own characteristics and unique tastes. Today, I will recommend some that are worth a visit.

Antidote Cafe & Bar

It can be said that Shiquan Street is still lively at night. The first floor is a café and the second floor is a small tavern.

no second space

It is a design space that combines a café, fashion design, and homestay. The most famous feature inside is the Suzhou garden-style seating, which perfectly combines modern and traditional elements and incorporates unique Suzhou characteristics. Aside from coffee, their desserts are also good.


There is a peaceful feeling with this alarm clock. Shaxi's specialty is hand drip coffee, so they have all the necessary equipment and a variety of beans to choose from. The taste of hand drip coffee is also quite good.


This is a very diverse store, with graffiti, street culture, action figures, and vinyl records, everything you can think of is here.


43rd floor is the perfect place to enjoy the view of Suzhou. Good coffee and great scenery.