First time in Suzhou? Don't miss out on these local culinary delights that the locals enjoy

Translate text to English: It has to be said that Suzhou is a city that is definitely worth a visit. It has history, culture, and a vibrant atmosphere. Today, let me show you some local delicacies that the locals love to eat. Don't miss out if you're visiting Suzhou for the first time.

Pan-fried bun: Mute pan-fried buns

Suzhou people love to eat fried dumplings, which can be said to be a very authentic specialty snack in Suzhou. The filling is rich and juicy. Freshly cooked fried dumplings are the best time to eat, with a plump shape and bright color. And Yaba fried dumplings is a good place to taste fried dumplings, don't miss it.

Bubble Wonton: Le Hui Wonton Shop

In Suzhou, there is a particularly interesting name for a restaurant called "Bubble Wonton". The wonton skins are as thin as cicada wings, folded from the four corners to the center, and quickly boiled in water, resembling bubbles floating in the pot. It is delicious and delicate. If you want to try Bubble Wonton, visit LeHui Wonton shop.

Chicken feet: Xiangxin Restaurant

Chicken feet have become a representative snack in Suzhou. They are neither a main ingredient in Suzhou-style cuisine nor a common ingredient in ordinary households, but Suzhou people have turned them into a major category of Suzhou snacks. They have a fragrant and sticky texture and are very delicious. The chicken feet at Xiangxin Restaurant are really good and worth trying.

Shiitake mushroom slices: Colored shiitake mushroom slices

In winter, slices of fried potato become a daily essential delicacy, which is a specialty of Suzhou people and a childhood memory for many older people in Suzhou. The greasy slices are crispy and resemble potato chips, but they are even more flavorful. This small shop has been in business for over a decade and the taste is quite good.

Huang Tianyuan Gao Tuan

Suzhou people love to eat sticky rice cakes. Cakes have always been a daily dietary custom of the people in Suzhou. During the Lunar New Year on the second day of the second lunar month, people eat "Cheng Yao Gao" for good luck. Fragrant and delicious "Haitang Gao" and golden and soft "Mehua Gao" are popular traditional pastries. Huang Tianyuan Gao Tuan offers a variety of cakes for tasting. If you pass by, you can give it a try.

Tangzhou: Pan Yulin's sugar rice porridge stall

When it comes to Suzhou snacks, sugar porridge is a must-try. Pan Yulin's sugar porridge has been passed down for four generations and is the most famous sugar porridge shop in Suzhou, so you must give it a try.