Where to go for a one-day autumn tour in Suzhou? Just check out this guide!

Autumn in Suzhou is also worth visiting. Spend a day and enjoy the autumn trip of "Suzhou-style living". It is truly an enjoyable experience.

When it comes to the classical gardens in Suzhou, we have to mention "Liuyuan," known as the "crown jewel" of the gardens in Wu region. It is famous for its exquisite architectural layout and numerous peculiar rock formations. It is one of the four famous gardens in China, along with Suzhou's Humble Administrator's Garden, Beijing's Summer Palace, and Chengde's Mountain Resort. The Liuyuan has a unique charm in autumn.

Zhu Xin Nian Dim Sum Shop

Wonton and tangyuan are representative of Suzhou-style snacks. There are many Suzhou-style dim sum shops, but one not to be missed is Zhu Xin Nian Dim Sum Shop. Both wonton and tangyuan are made fresh on the spot and taste excellent. It's a great pleasure to have a bowl on a mid-autumn noon.

La Cipolla in English is "The Onion."

This coffee shop called "Youjian" is actually a space that combines furniture store, homestay, and cafe. It's perfect for sipping a cup of coffee and spending an hour here on a lazy autumn afternoon.

Fragrance Hall

It is a highly distinctive private kitchen, with excellent dishes. You can enjoy a great dinner here.

Fuxi Guqin Culture Museum

When visiting Suzhou, how can you miss the Kunqu opera performance? You must visit the Fuxi Guqin Cultural Hall if you wish to see it. That way, your day will be complete.