What are some good leisure places in Xuchang - Take you around the lakes of Xuchang

Five years ago, Xuchang was one of the cities in northern China with a serious shortage of water resources. During the construction of the Middle Route of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project, Xuchang seized the favorable opportunity and vigorously developed water conservancy projects in the urban area. After nearly 3 years of construction, it gradually formed a northern water town known as "Five Lakes and Four Seas, Three Rivers, Two Rings and One Water-rich Lotus City". People's Daily, Xinwen Lianbo and other media outlets have also reported on Xuchang's water conservancy construction multiple times. Therefore, when you come to the northern water town, you may as well take a stroll in some of Xuchang's parks. The most popular place for tourists is Xuchang's "Five Lakes". Now let me introduce them to you.

Beihai Park

Located south of Xinyuan Avenue, west of Wenfeng North Road, and east of Jingshui Avenue, Xuchang Beihai Park is a good place for people to relax and entertain. It covers an area of about 150 mu, including a lake area of 68 mu and a park area of 82 mu. It is a green garden that combines the characteristics of Xuchang and the landscape of mountains and rivers. The park has various water landscapes, surrounded by green trees, and adjacent to the commercial area. It is one of the key urban construction projects in Xuchang City.

Deer Roaring Lake

There is a sports center in Lu Ming Lake, with courts for basketball, volleyball, football, and other sports. In the evening, you can enjoy high-level football and basketball matches here. At the same time, the east bank of Lu Ming Lake is also an excellent spot for capturing sunsets.

Lotus Lake

The newly built park closest to the downtown area has many places to visit nearby, such as the Xuchang Science and Technology Museum, Art Museum, etc.

Ba Ling Lake

The Bailin Lake project is located west of Bailin Road, east of Bishui Road, south of Xinxing Road, and north of Baoyuan Road. It covers an area of 120 acres, with a designed water depth of 2.5 meters and a planned water storage capacity of about 200,000 cubic meters. The grand theater of the Three Kingdoms Cultural Industrial Park is located on the eastern bank of Bailin Lake, complementing each other and enhancing each other. After completion, it will form a water ecological cultural landscape of "clear lake and beautiful shore", together with the Three Kingdoms Cultural Industrial Park, becoming an important part of Xuchang's Three Kingdoms cultural tourism.

Autumn Lake Wetland

In recent years, Xuchang Qiuhu Wetland Park in Henan Province has become a habitat for birds such as egrets to settle and reproduce. With its beautiful scenery and graceful egrets, the park has become a popular place for bird-watching and sightseeing. It is reported that the current water area of Qiuhu Wetland Park is 380 acres, with a water storage capacity of 400,000 cubic meters.