Where should I go for a self-driving trip in China on the weekend? 12 recommended high-appeal highways

These high-value rural roads in China are hidden in the mountains, deep and winding, stretching in the clouds and mist like a fairyland, winding in the mountains, thrilling and exciting, passing through the cooking smoke, peaceful and harmonious. Let me introduce you to a few rural self-driving tour routes, these roads give us a sense of indulgence and excitement as if we are touring in a painting and our car is moving through the scenery.

Chongqing Wulong Fairy Mountain Ecological Highway

Located in the core area of the Xianvshan National Forest Park, the Xianvshan Grassland Eco Road is 4.5 kilometers in length. The Xianvshan Grassland is one of the top ten tourist attractions in Chongqing and can be reached by a three-hour self-driving trip from the city. It is also a must-visit place for photography enthusiasts. Situated on the north bank of Wujian River in Wulong, Chongqing, Xianvshan is not only known for its famous Xianvshan Grassland, Tian Sheng San Qiao (Three Natural Bridges), and Furong Cave but also a great destination for visitors. The undulating road stretches into the distance and eventually disappears at the end. On both sides of the road, there are lush green grasslands, creating a pleasant and cozy scene with leisurely grazing cattle and horses.

Anhui Baiji Highway

Baiji Summit Mountain Highway is the highest-altitude highway in Huangshan City, known as the "White Cloud Sky Road". It is a rural road that will give you a different sense of travel. Located on the border between Anhui and Zhejiang provinces, Baiji Village is scattered among the peaks of the Baiji Mountain Range, with green mountains and water, and numerous waterfalls, known as the "last hidden paradise of the Jiangnan region".

Gaonan Road, Shaanxi

Gaojiang Road stretches from Gaoqiao Pu in Feng County to Jiangxiying Village in Liuba County, connecting Jiangmei Road and 316 National Highway. It is a quiet and picturesque road with scenic views and a variety of flora.

Beijing Miyun Xiaorilu

Xiao'er Road is a rural-level road in Xinchengzi Town, Miyun County, starting from Songcao Road (Xiaokou Village) and ending at Songcao Road (Erlang Temple), with a total length of 8.8 kilometers. This road connects many scenic spots such as Wuling West Peak and Guandi Temple. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and the beautiful scenery changes with the seasons, becoming a "landscape gallery" in Miyun. It is a great place for Beijing residents to visit. After passing the Yaoqiaoyu Reservoir by car, you will encounter the famous S-bend of Xiao'er Road, where the scenery is absolutely breathtaking with a 360-degree panoramic view.

Linzhou Taihang Sky Road

The Taihang Heavenly Road is located in the Taohua Valley Scenic Area. It is 26.5 kilometers long and connects the Taohua Cave Scenic Area with the Wangxiangyan Scenic Area, allowing visitors to conveniently visit both areas. Along the Taihang Heavenly Road, there are 10 observation platforms where visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the grand canyon. The road winds through the mountains at an altitude of over 1000 meters, hence its name "Heavenly Road".

G318 Sichuan-Tibet Highway

"The China Landscape Avenue, Sichuan-Tibet Highway, is a sacred road in China that almost everyone has heard of. The scenery along the Sichuan-Tibet Highway is extremely beautiful, attracting many photography enthusiasts. However, it is also very challenging for self-driving, so one must be fully prepared before embarking on the journey."

Dian-Zang Line

The Dian-Zang Line, like the Sichuan-Tibet Line, is a world-class off-road route. As car enthusiasts, we must go and experience it at least once in our lifetime. It may take around 10 days, so consider taking a few extra days off from work.

New Tibet Line

The scenery on the new Sichuan-Tibet Highway is not as good as the first two routes, and it also involves crossing more than ten snow-capped mountains with altitudes of over 5000 meters. There are hardly any signs of human habitation within hundreds of kilometers. However, on the new Sichuan-Tibet Highway, you can see wild animals such as Tibetan wild donkeys and yellow sheep, which is a different experience.

Silk Road

The glory of the ancient Silk Road, the prosperity of the western hinterland. Classic routes where nature and culture intertwine, fully experiencing the wonders of nature and the civilization of the western region. Many people have a special affection for this place, and many people want to explore the ultimate beauty here.

Hainan Round Island

Hainan is a popular winter getaway destination for many friends from the North. Departing from Haikou, you can drive around the island and enjoy the blue sea, white sandy beaches, and coconut palm trees. Driving along the mountain roads, you can experience the local Li culture and enjoy the pleasure of driving.

Alibaba's Northbound Line

Tibet is truly to the west, known as the "Hidden Secret of Western Tibet, Heaven on Earth in Ali". Here you can find the world-renowned sacred mountain, Mount Kailash, the first among lakes in Tibet, Lake Manasarovar, as well as the vast Zada Earth Forest covering a hundred kilometers and the ancient ruins of the Guge Kingdom with a history of seven hundred years. The harsh plateau environment in Ali deters many people, but it also ensures that the religious art and culture in Ali remain intact without loss. The challenging journey of circumambulating the mountains is known only to those who have experienced it, as they understand whether it is a physical endurance or a spiritual pilgrimage.

Desert - Gobi - Poplar forest

Gobi Desert, Desert, Snowy Mountains, Grasslands, Wetlands, Lakes, Poplar Forest, Vast and barren cultural heritage sites. Come on! Use the camera to capture the magnificent Northwest China.