What are the must-visit places in Nanjing with a fresh and trendy style?

Nanjing is a place with a rich history, but there are also many places for a fresh and trendy photo shoot, capturing a unique style in the photos.

Nanjing Library

Nanjing Library is a popular destination for many students on weekends during their student days. It is the fourth largest library in Asia, with its predecessor dating back to the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty. The design here is quite interesting, with a hollow circular top and a wall made up of countless triangular green glass pieces. On sunny days, the sunlight shines brightly on the glass.

Old Town East Pedestrian Street

East of Zhonghua Gate, there is an area called "Laomendong" that embodies the traditional streets and alleys of the old Nanjing city and its local customs. It has been a vital part of the Qinhuai Scenic Belt since the Ming Dynasty, and it is a must-visit place to experience the traditional culture and taste the local cuisine of old Nanjing.

Nanjing Yunjin Museum

Nanjing is a historical and cultural city that has a rich heritage of intangible cultural assets. Nanjing Yunjin is one of the representatives, and Nanjing has established the Yunjin Museum for this purpose. Located at 240 Yunjin Road, it was established in 1957, behind the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall. The Yunjin Museum is the only museum in China dedicated to exhibiting Yunjin works. It showcases a large number of exquisite Yunjin works, including clothing and paintings. Here, you can see various models of weaving machines and experience how the weavers collaborate to weave Nanjing Yunjin on large looms.
"Nanjing Eye" is the first sightseeing pedestrian bridge on the Yangtze River with two huge circular rings connected by inclined steel cables on its 800-meter-long bridge. When the night falls, the lights on the bridge will change to different colors, creating a beautiful scenery.