These places have the same appearance as Nanjing 30 years ago

Time flies, Nanjing has transformed from an ancient and picturesque city into a city with towering skyscrapers. However, despite this, some parts of Nanjing still retain the charm of decades ago.

Yan Siji

Next to Yanziji Park, there is an inconspicuous alley that preserves the traces of old Nanjing city from the last century. Despite the dilapidated signs and broken buildings along the short 200-meter old street, it is quiet. However, you can still imagine the former prosperity from the phoenix trees on both sides of the street.

Jiangning Yuntai Mountain Pyrite Mine Residential Area

Yuntai Mountain, located in Hengxi Street, Jiangning District, Nanjing City, had abundant sulfur mineral resources in the 1970s. The government heavily developed the area and built a mining zone. People from all over the country used to live here. Today, the mining zone is deserted, with no signs of human presence. It was once the largest sulfur and iron mining base in Jiangsu Province, but now it appears rather lackluster. An old industrial building, a rusty industrial pipeline, can only tell the story of its former glorious history.

Jiangnan Cement Factory

Jiangnan Cement Factory was the largest and most advanced cement factory in China at that time. However, after the Japanese invasion of Nanjing, this once largest cement production base in Asia did not produce a single ton of cement for more than a decade. Now, there are several Republican-era buildings in the factory area, but they are dusty and have not been maintained for many years. However, you can still see traces of its former glory.