What are the must-try Nanjing soup dumplings in Nanjing?

What are the must-try Nanjing soup dumplings?

Xu Jianping Tangbao

Despite its remote location and small size with only enough space for two rows of small tables, the food is absolutely delicious! Everything is freshly prepared and steamed on the spot, so it might take a bit of waiting, but it's definitely worth it.

Liu Yi's duck blood vermicelli soup

The filling and soup are very rich, with a salty taste, suitable for those who are not used to sweet soup dumplings.

Laughing Cloud Open Soup Bun Shop

Steamed soup dumplings are freshly made and reasonably priced, with a taste that outshines some of the chain soup dumpling shops.

Chicken crowing soup dumplings

This is the most famous restaurant in Nanjing, and their soup dumplings of various flavors are all very good.