Just look at this guide for visiting Maple leaves in Qixia Mountain

If you choose to come to Nanjing in autumn, you will see the most beautiful Nanjing of the year. One of the must-visit attractions in Nanjing in autumn is Qixia Mountain, because it has the most beautiful red maple trees in Nanjing. So what are the best spots to enjoy the maple trees at Qixia Mountain? Check out this guide to find out.

Red Leaf Valley

Red Leaf Valley, as its name suggests, hides the most beautiful maple leaves of Mount Qixia. Compared to the red leaves in other places, the contrast here comes earlier. When you go in early October, most of the maple leaves have just started turning red, but there are already several trees in Red Leaf Valley that have turned completely red. These patches of autumn colors have also attracted many people to come and take photos.

Maple Lake

Located in the southwest of Fengxiang Peak, the highest peak of Qixia Mountain, adjacent to Hongye Valley, with an elevation of 200 meters, it is considered a relatively high scenic spot. This is my favorite scenic spot, probably because of the presence of water. Where there is water, there is a sense of spirituality. Although Maple Lake is not large in size, it is surrounded by maple trees, and with lakeside rockeries, pavilions, and towers, it presents a classical beauty of Jiangnan gardens.

Lu Yu Tea House

In Qixia Mountain, there is a tea house named Lu Yu Tea House. It is located on Longshan, built to commemorate the "Tea Sage" Lu Yu. It is a group of Tang-style buildings consisting of towers, pavilions, and corridors, with a total of four floors. The highest floor offers a panoramic view of Qixia Mountain and a distant view of Nanjing city.

Pavilion in the Blue Clouds

Qixia Mountain also has a viewing platform similar to the Luyu Tea Manor, called Biyun Pavilion, located at the top of Hushan Mountain, also known as "Wangjiang Pavilion". It is surrounded by perilous cliffs on three sides, with only one rock connected to the mountain road, forming a unique landscape. What is special here is that you can not only enjoy the maple leaves, but also fully appreciate the Yangtze River.

Qixia Temple

There is no reason not to visit Qixia Temple when you are at Qixia Mountain. The surroundings of Qixia Temple are incredibly lively, with people coming to enjoy the maple trees everywhere. However, once you step into Qixia Temple, it becomes exceptionally quiet, as if cut off from the outside world. This transcendent atmosphere makes every visitor calm down. If you have time, you can also experience the restoration of ancient books here.