Krumlov | Authentic cuisine hidden in the alleys of CK town

Although CK town is small, there are many authentic Czech cuisine hidden in the streets and alleys. As a foodie, you must not miss it!

Trdelník is a traditional Czech delicacy made by rolling special dough onto a long stick and baking it. It has a hollow center and is cylindrical in shape. The inner wall is coated with chocolate sauce, while the outer ring is coated with ingredients such as cinnamon powder, almond powder, coconut powder, and nuts.

MLS Crêperie Kájovská

This MLS CREPERIE is a popular local snack shop that sells thin pancakes with both sweet and savory flavors. The portion size is large, suitable for 2-3 people.

Tavern in Šatlavská Street

This cellar restaurant is a must-visit restaurant in CK Town. It is located in the old site of a prison, with stone walls and a huge fireplace, creating a cozy atmosphere. Recommended: traditional onion bread soup and various roasted pork, beef, and fish.
Local internet-famous riverside restaurant with delicious dishes. Highly recommend the braised potato. The most impressive thing is the beautiful and tranquil river view outside the restaurant.