List of Delicious Food in Dali and Lijiang, this list is enough

Yunnan cuisine is known for its unique characteristics. So, what are the must-try dishes? Take a look at this list and you'll find out.

Snack Shop No. 88

This is a snack shop recommended by many guides, and it is a must-visit for Lijiang cuisine.

Zaxi barbecue

A barbecue restaurant located in Lige Village, just a few hundred meters into the village, very easy to find. There are indoor and outdoor dining environments to choose from. All kinds of barbecue are quite good.

Dai ethnic flavor

Located near the South Gate of Dali Ancient Town. The landlady is a member of the Dai ethnic group, so their food is more authentic in taste.

Xizhou broken pastry

There are many small shops selling crispy pastries in the area around Sifang Street in Xizhou Town. Just find one with a lot of people and go taste it.
It is a very characteristic local cuisine.