Listing the special experience projects in Berlin

In Berlin, an ancient and yet young city, you can choose from a variety of different travel options to experience the city. In addition to some conventional tourist routes, you can also choose some special travel experience projects.

This special tourist route includes various bunkers from World War II and the Cold War era, as well as the underground remains of Hitler's Reich Chancellery. Visitors can personally uncover the heavy chapters in history while experiencing thrilling moments.

Flying over Berlin

The route mainly takes the original US military Douglas D-47 aircraft, which served in the late 1940s. It flies for 35 minutes before returning to the former US military Berlin Air Base in the city center. The aircraft is known as the "Candy Bomber" because pilots often air drop candy and chocolate while landing.

Vintage car nostalgic journey

This vintage car is called "Trabi", manufactured in former East Germany, known as the "cheapest car in the world". The nostalgic trip revolves around the landmarks that bear the imprint of former East Germany.