Spending Christmas (12/8-12/9) in Czech castles and palaces

As Christmas approaches and the first snow falls on the rooftops, Czech castles will be dressed up. Some castle administrators have prepared special Christmas and Advent programs for visitors, including costume performances and markets. You can expect beautifully decorated interiors and more. We invite you to the best castle events this Christmas!

Dobrich Castle

Dobříš Castle is located in central Czech Republic, south of Prague. The castle is known for its traditional interior decoration and beautiful Christmas ornaments. Through the exhibition, you can further familiarize yourself with the history of the festival, understand the meaning of Christmas, and browse the displayed scenes of Christ's nativity.

Louchini Castle

Visitors to the Loučeň Castle in the Czech Republic will have the opportunity to experience the magical Christmas atmosphere in the beautifully decorated interiors. They can stroll through the castle park adorned with a huge Advent wreath and breathe in the fresh air. This year, the castle exhibition will familiarize you with the story of Christmas trees, which is the theme of the Advent exhibition at Loučeň Castle. In the Duke's Chambers, there will be 18 different Christmas trees, allowing you to get a close-up look at the life of the Stain-Taxes family in the early 20th century. Guided tours, played by members of the Stain-Taxes family, will take you through the castle.
The small town of Loket and its namesake Gothic castle are located just a few kilometers from the world-famous spa town of Karlovy Vary in the western Czech region. The Loket Castle stands on a promontory by the river. One advantage of this castle is that it is open for visits throughout the year, and the castle gates do not close even in winter.

Boskovice Castle

The Pozov Castle in Moravia will open its doors to visitors on December 1st and 8th. Guides will take you on a tour of the festively decorated castle interior and explain the customs of the medieval Christmas season. These customs have been preserved not only in noble courtyards but also in the cottages of common people.

Hluboká Castle

Come and enjoy the magical atmosphere of Hluboká Castle in southern Czech Republic. You can admire the interior decor of the castle. Hluboká is one of the few castles open year-round, and in winter, the private suite of the castle's last owners will be accessible. You can visit the private salon and dining hall. The entire visit revolves around the theme of hunting. You will step into the luxurious hunting dining hall, the food preparation room, and the study, living room, and bedroom of the castle's last private owner, Adolf Schwarzenberg.

Hohensalzburg Castle

On the weekends of December 8th and 9th, you can also visit the castle in Hradec nad Moravicí in the South Czech region. This weekend's events will bring you music, dance, and theatrical performances. The little ones can look forward to a carnivorous animal exhibition, while visiting the 500-year-old Black Kitchen is sure to attract everyone. During the Advent season, you can visit the tapestry room and admire the handicrafts on display, as well as participate in workshops for both children and adults. You must not miss the world's largest folk mechanical nativity scene – the crib of the Infant Jesus of Křivoklát, listed in the Guinness World Records, at the Hradec nad Moravicí Museum.