Yanji Food Guide! Let you enjoy authentic Korean cuisine without going to Korea

Yanji is known as the northeastern version of Chengdu. It is amazing to see how rich the food options are here. Although Korean cuisine in the northeast already tastes delicious, being in Yanji has deeply moved me with its authentic flavors. It is rare to have a disappointing meal, as even randomly choosing a restaurant is guaranteed to be tasty.

Xingdou Restaurant

Famous noodle dishes in Xingdou include zhajiangmian (noodles with fried soybean paste) and doujiangmian (noodles with soy milk). The fried noodles taste good, even more chewy than Beijing-style fried noodles.

Grandma Yuan's packed lunch

Even if you don't like fatty meat, you can still be attracted by the marbled pork here. It's fatty but not greasy, and the word "appropriate" fits this meat really well.

Yanji City Quanzhou Stone Bowl Bibimbap Restaurant

A local store with a great reputation, and the taste is also excellent.

Hong Yuan cold noodles

Recommended by locals in Yanji, this restaurant serves large portions. Even if you haven't eaten, one bowl is enough for two girls, and the taste is also very unique.

Grandma Yuan's herbal chicken soup

Even for those who don't like chicken soup, the taste of Yanji's ginseng chicken soup is still good, so it is recommended.