Recommended dry goods for winter in Northeast China, after reading it you will know where to go for fun

Winter is the hottest tourist season in Northeast China. So, where in Northeast China is worth visiting? And how should we plan our trip? This extremely detailed guide to playing in the snow will allow you to explore the whole of Northeast China!

Changbai Mountain

The most famous attraction of Changbai Mountain, according to people's inherent impression, is Tianchi. More people visit there in summer and autumn, and it is colder in winter. However, since the appearance of the Changbai Mountain International Resort two years ago, the convenient facilities and the charming Swiss style have made winter here no longer the off-season, and it is even hotter than summer.

Snow Village

Talking about Snow Village, even as someone born and raised in Northeast China, I can't remain calm. It's the kind of snow that is unreachable in the city, with all kinds of beautiful "snow mushrooms" against the backdrop of snow-white lanterns. The purest forest and snowy plains, like a fairy tale world wrapped in silver. It's incredibly beautiful.

Harbin City

This is the city with the most distinctive ice and snow features, a must-visit place in Northeast China.

Frost Island

Although both are covered in ice and snow, Foggy Island possesses a sense of mystery and elegance. The mist lingers on the surface of the river, and the jade trees on the shore make one feel as if they are in a fairyland. Especially for those from the south, it is a must-visit to witness this natural wonder. As it is easy to capture breathtaking shots, many photography enthusiasts come here every winter to capture the beauty.

Mohe City

China's northernmost and coldest place, synonymous with Mohe, may appear in middle school geography textbooks. Heading to the northernmost part of China, crossing the dense forests of the Greater Khingan Range, experiencing the Sino-Russian border firsthand, holding a handful of pure white snowflakes, and feeling the freezing temperatures of minus 40 degrees - these are all reasons to venture north to Mohe.